We have an obsession to create unique and attractive ideas

that help volunteer organization for more effective SAR operations and support partners with focus on innovation for rescue

We are loyal to our partners who supported our cause and we help our friends and partners by accelerating their goals. 

7×24 Support

During our clients’ events, we provide 7×24 Support technical support for the event management, press releases, web site update and social media mix content development and update.

Creative Thinking

Our strategic and pioneering ideas enhance brand communication by optimizing the use of both conventional and new age media, thereby achieving the marketing goals of our clients.

Professional Design

Our team of graphic designers, photographers and art directors , along with our partners – the world’s IT and communication company leaders assist us in presenting client’s project in the best possible way.

Strategic Planning & Consulting

We’ve had the experience of promoting our own products and services on the International arena couple of times and have worked with some of the world’s leading brands, so, we’ll be able to share all that experience with you too.

We use our creative thinking to foresee the new trends and the future in our clients and business partners.

Illustration & Branding

We have a very divers creative team with incredible talent that can can illustrate your your competitive advantage and visualize conceptual ideas that can help you stick around the spotlight. We will enhance your brand identity with what we are good at – work on innovative and interesting ideas that will enhance your digital presence.

Concept Development

Our marketing and advertising concepts have been battle proven on the world arena. That is where we have learned fr0m our experience and developed strategies that catch attention/interest in our main focus – technological and equipment manufacturers.  Then we propose a strategy that has been tested in the real world.

PR and Communications

We make Effective Publicity that increases public awareness with the implementation of novelty and newsworthy causes through creative solutions, strategic planning, and promotional tactics interesting and attractive projects. In 2006 we opened an independent advertising agency that specializes in Extreme Sports and High Technology Marketing, PR and Brand Enhancement.

Marketing and Project Management

We provide creative advertising, media and PR execution, website and social media integration, corporate and personal communications, B2B networking and business development, sponsorship implementation, etc.  We have grown and worked with local and international clients and partners – many on the top “Fortune 50″ list – to deliver best value solution

Music, TV and Video Production

Music is the best way to promote a message and we have the expeirnce in creating our own soings and musical clips that have been broadcasted on TV.  We provide high quality promotional and viral digital content, in-house photography/video & audio production facilities, scripting & creative design, editing and special effects, Television Series, etc.

IP Management

From logo design and IP research, trademark registration, to copyright infringements, Personality Misinterpretation  through prosecution and commercialization, our in-house experts and  panthers from International  IP Management Services, we can help you maximize the value of your portfolio, keep it aligned with your business strategy, and drive global competitiveness.  Our experience with one of the top Canadian Law Firm Lang Michener LLP and settling out of court settlement with one of the world’s global brands, we know how to integrate state-of-the-art portfolio management technology, comprehensive services and a world-class IP rules collection to provide unparalleled support of your trademarks and other intellectual assets.  Please meet our Partners and Lawyers

Special Events and Global Exposure

Ivan Kristoff  helps partners with boutique marketing and team members with sports sponsorships. He has specialist skills in major event management, television & digital content production and professional expert endorsement programs. Aerial Events and Helicopter Operations.

His Event Management experience includes working on international events across various categories: Helishows, Property Management Expos, Safety and Security, Auto and Extreme Shows. He has experience in effective promotion of an event is an all-around process. His  team offers a full range of assistance and creative work for partners  by focusing on their needs and opportunity for business development.

Aerial Rope Access and Extreme Operations

We are a Canadian Extreme Vertical and Aerial Rope Access Work and Consulting company. Our Passion is Innovation. There was no higher place in the urban environment, so we elevated the benchmark in our industry and moved to the challenges of aerial rope access operations.

After reaching the pinnacle in our industry, to be the First Choice for super high-rise emergency response in Toronto, Top of Mind aerial rope rescue operator and the first company to work on the very top of the urban world, we extended our love for action in the creative world.

For our special events and participation in trade shows, expos and workshops, we create interesting and attractive customer experience with the products and services of our partners.

We can elevate your brand to heights, reserved only for the bravest and most creative thinkers. 
Here are some of the technical support that our partners can receive during the show

С ФОКУС КЪМ ИНОВАЦИЯ Студиото за визуализиране на иновативни проекти за вертикалния и въздушния свят на спасяване, ще подкрепи партньорите с интересен и атрактивен дигитален маркетинг за тях. Студио за визуални комуникации the experience United#ForBulgaria The Mission екстремно във въздуха с журналисти 1. Тhe First......

THE DIFFERENT APPROACH IN PR AND MARKETING FOR PARTNERS Effective promotion of an event is an all around process. We offer a full range of services and creative work for our clients by focusing on their needs and opportunity for business development. “Our creative work......

For our project partner’s advertising and marketing purposes, we create case studies of how we have used their products in real case scenarios  during high altitude rope access, rescue and extreme training. Published Case Studies with Ivan Kristoff: CANON Brochure IBM Canada Inc. SONY ERICSSON Newsletter LAPTOPS......

Creative work for high profile events Managing high profile projects, executing with success some of the most difficult jobs, working with world’s leaders in IT and supported by the word’s top brands in equipment, Ivan Kristoff knows how to make innovative and attractive marketing campaigns......

I can organize a special event on the topic of AI in Dubai and it can be filmed for a New Amazing TV Series. British and an American TV production companies (who work with National Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, BBC, Channel 4, The History Channel, etc) approached me to the filming and they will pay for it and the distribution to the global TV networks. ...

If you want the world to see your brand products and services in a new way stand out from the crowd and show it in action where no one has dared to go with us you can achieve your goals with innovative ideas....

A BRAND PORTRAIT THAT REFLECTS WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU VALUE WHO WE HELP How you’ve built your brand affects all aspects of your life, and presents distinct opportunities. Our deliberate approach to comprehensive brand management carefully considers who you are, and what you......

Първата статия на Иван Кристоф за PrimeTime списание. Фотография: авторът/официалнa пресa...

Helicopter and Emergency Aerial Response sTrategy (H.E.A.R.T.) Presentation Ivan Kristoff, aka Spiderman – the first man who worked on the inaccessible places of the tallest concrete tower in the world, presented the Highrise Emergency Aerial Response sTrategy (H.E.A.R.T.) during the Dubai Helishow 2012. This event was......

В презентацията си “Създаване на НПО с нов вид ПР методи, доброволчество и благотворителност в България“, представих един нов подход тип Партизански маркетинг за ПР събития. За първи  път в България е създадена студентска организация, която да има собствена мобилна Уеб Телевизионна станция, която може да......

Catching the emotions through the music Music is the best way to spread a slogan or spread out the message to the young generation. This is why Ivan Kristoff co-produced his first video clip “Fire Off” with the rapper Kristo. The music, sports and abstract art......

While we focus on behind the scene marketing, we work with a limited number of clients in a business consulting capacity. Our specialty is at the executive level with a focus on PR and communication strategy, digital marketing and branding. In particular, we can support......

Учете през целия си живот! С развитието на дроновете, само за последните години и пилотите и въздушните фотографи губят работата си. Надграждайте уменията си!...

Ivan Kristoff initiated the most comprehensive aerial and high rise rope-work services in Canada. In 1993, he found EIGER Rope Access Work Inc. Five years later, the Toronto newspapers, Canadian TV news and magazines, named him the Canadian Spiderman. Ten years later, he became the first person......

Global multi media exposure of high profile events Ivan Kristoff is well known in the vertical world of special events. He has pioneered new techniques for external human attachment and rope access on Airbus Helicopters, MI-17, Bulgarian Tactical Aviation, Military SAR units, Police Air Wing, and private single engine and twin-engine helicopters. In order......