Innovation in Aviation

There are uncharted territories in the vertical and aerial rope access work and rescue

‘The vertical and aerial access on the worlds tallest structures and places have not changed much since the 20th century.

Аt the dawn of the 21st century, I had the honor to complete solo the first rope access project above 500 meters, on the top of the world’s highest structure, the CN Tower, declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Up there, at places where no one steps before, from a new perspective, I redesigned the very first High rise Emergency Aerial Response  Tactical (H.E.A.R.T.) Plan for rapid extraction of my personnel in case of an emergency.

But since then, technology has changed revolutionary, I experimented in the air innovative concepts during my world records for heli rope access at High Reference and see the new niche market in the super high rise industry.”

Ivan Kristoff

World's Most Dangerous Mobile Office
New Series of World Records in the Air

Foundation for Innovation

This year, Ivan Kristoff signed an Investment Plan for the Foundation for Innovation.

Ivan Kristoff is establishing the Ivan Kristoff Foundation for Innovation to advance his innovative ideas, creative vision, and to promote the causes he cared about. Creating a board of trustees, he established mandates of furthering the recognition of extreme rope access work at extreme heights that can be used in extreme conditions and extreme harsh and hostile environment.

His unique experience of founding deep underground of a few kilometers on the horizontal in the “Balavanova” cave and the first one to crow through tight caving formations in order to find its deepest and biggest speleo (caving)  Gallery at his early age, he has a passion to go where no one has stepped before, and this trend was maintained to the top of the Antenna Mast of the CN Tower, that still is the only one, which is more dangerous to work, because of its installed TV and Radio broadcasting transmitters that has more hazardous RF exposure than on a space station.

He has provided support for training programs at institutional level and through his know-how, field tests and scientific research his focus is on developing the Enhanced Rope Rescuer of the Future.

The Innovation Rescue Fund
The Aerial Rescue Academy

Innovation in Rescue


We Drive Innovative Technology Remote and  Rope Access by Connecting Innovators, Industry And Investors 

The SPECIALIZED RESCUE ASSOCIATION  is a constantly updated version of the original High Rise Emergency Aerial Rescue Team (H.E.A.R.T.) that was founded, as an non-profit team in Toronto, Canada, and established in Bulgaria as an non-profit organization, called the S.O.S., but because of its high risk activities, such as specialized training for vertical rescue at extreme heights and aerial rescue at extreme situations, we are diversifying the age restrictions in which we want to teach children and young people into separate experimental projects. The main goal is to create the Ultimate Rescuer – The Rescuer of the Future.

The Rescuer of the Future
We are building the home-office of the Rescuer of the Future