Creative solutions and Advertising

Smile512MediaOptimizationCreative work for high profile events
Managing high profile projects, executing with success some of the most difficult jobs, working with world’s leaders in IT and supported by the word’s top brands in equipment, Ivan Kristoff knows how to make innovative and attractive marketing campaigns for clients. Ivan has over a decade of experience in brand promotion, special events, sport, entertainment and media strategies. His creative direction helps managing client’s objectives from concept to completion that produces long-term equity.

Now, Ivan Kristoff, a Real life Spiderman  and World’s most recognized ropeman, experienced the Brand Ambassador for NIKE in Bulgaria. His successful campaign as an Exclusive Promoter of a Swiss watchmaker resulted in a proposal to become the first Brand Ambassador for Traser H3 Swiss Made Watches and further, Ivan Kristoff became the First Official Brand Ambassador for Fortis Swiss Watches.

Rope Access Advertising on High Structures
Heavy lifting and helicopter hauling for:

  • Banner placement on buildings, bridges and cliff faces
  • Advertising, Signage and Billboard Installing
  • Lighting and Decorating/Architectural feature

Ivan has a long time experience of working with international production companies, documentary films, reality TV shows, and other trades involved with the world of advertising. Our own creative and marketing team can assist clients with know-how in this field of creative work.


Vertical ForestConstruction of a Creative Complex near Vitosha starts next year
A new consortium will invest in a first-of-its-kind project

The construction of the first part of the project, which has been under preparation for several years, is expected to begin in 2020. The Ceative center’s investor is Ivan Kristoff, with the entire Innovation Lab project alone is estimated at 1 million levas and will be completed in several phases. Only in the first stage, which includes a Creative studio on the last – 5th floor, with a view of the Vitosha Mountain, there will be an Experimental Zone where 24/7 duty will be given to monitor emergency rescue activities. The investor’s intentions are to complete this stage in about three years.

The center will be situated on an area of about 850 sq.m. m in Sofia, facing the Iskar Lake and the Vitosha and Stara Planina Mountains in a 360 degree panoramic view from the RoofTop.

An intense design process is underway, with individual project elements at a different stage, the team said. Partners of the project for the design and conceptual architecture of residential areas will be presented soon.