Safety and Hotel Destination Promotions

We focus on innovative ideas that positively influence and shape the success of a brand and marketing experience. We use the most effective ways to build a memorable experience in hotels and their target audience. We create powerful connections for our clients and their brands in the domestic and international hotel destinations, and promote events in the international media.

We have organized and created unique high-rise demonstration on the exterior of tall buildings and hotels, aiming to increase the brand  and location awareness around the world, create positive altitude and pleasurable experience associated with our clients.

That is why we are approached by American, Canadian and English TV production companies, who are interested to follow us with our special projects around the world. That is one of the reason why we have a greater value for promoting your hotel and showcase innovation, excitement  and attractiveness.

We have experience in promoting Special events in 5 Star hotels. We are partners of The Experts group in Bulgaria and Dubai Helishow in Dubai.

Meydan- the longest hotel in the world.

Rose Rotana
Web Wrapping of World’s tallest and longest buildings

We promoted the 1 King West Hotel with giving the title “Altitude with Attitude” for their PR communications and article headline for the Toronto Star Newspaper in 2002.

We organize and participate Specialized Conferences and training with tactical and rescue units

In front of EXPO hotel, with the Fire Department, Police and Specialized Unit for Combating Terrorism, we conducted the “Blackhawk 2007” exercise for emergency response during crisis situation, resulted from a terrorist attack. Ivan Kristoff helped for the evacuation of a heavy injured victim after a fire blaze on the roof.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs demonstrated how to handle terrorism threat on 9/11, 6 years after the attacks in New York. More…

We co-organized the Press conference with the Commander of the Bulgarian Specialized Unit for Combating Terrorism (S.O.B.T.), members of the Police and Fire Department and Ivan Kristoff.

We presented a new way of making music in Bulgaria. A musical video clip was developed for the Riu Pravets Resort, where the beauty of the scenery has a strong visual impact.

On 9/11, 2007, we demonstrated a hostage-rescue demonstration with the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior in Expo hotel, Sofia.