Вертикално измерение на мото света

Special Events and Global Exposure

Global multi media exposure of high profile events
Ivan Kristoff is well known in the vertical world of special events. He has pioneered new techniques for external human attachment and rope access on Airbus HelicoptersMI-17Bulgarian Tactical AviationMilitary SAR unitsPolice Air Wing, and private single engine and twin-engine helicopters. In order to raise funds for his charitable causes and volunteer rescue teams, Ivan has initiated many unique,  attractive and interesting events. Most of these events have been sponsored with specialized equipment, financed and organized by Ivan himself.  These events have generated global and national media attention and raised the profile of rope access work. More important, they have brought attention to various aspect of safety and educated on the importance of rapid emergency response and use of advanced technology and applications for rescue missions.

Event organizers and participants from have had quite interesting and unforgettable memories from the experience of Ivan’s performance in public demonstrations. The Spiderman’s passion for extreme endeavors have created on-of-a-kind media and public events.

Ivan loves the element of danger. His favorite hobbies are extreme sports, motorcycles, paragliding, skydiving, mountaineering, ice and rock solo climbing. “I live to be challenged. I love being in the extreme and living on the edge”, he says.

Ivan has descended on ropes with the former Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Solomon Passy, John Johasky, CEO and President of Lexmark Canada Inc., Kyte Tyler, TV host of “Popular Mechanics for Kids”,  Col. Hristozov of the Bulgarian Tactical Aviation while setting up two new categories for the “Guinness Book of World Records“.

He is an innovator and a pioneer. Internationally known for his bold projects and cutting-edge use of technology in inaccessible places. Ivan has a passion for technical rescue demonstrations. ” As I am testing my unprecedented concepts to aerial acrobatics such as rope rescue and remote access, I have the ability to capture the dynamics of my airborne gymnastics” he says.

His breathtaking images show situations that are definitely extreme and it’s clear that Kristoff often had to climb, fly or hang in the air to get those shots. According to his teammates, the secret of his success is to challenge accepted thinking, Ivan field-test his theories and live his believes. He will continue to aggressively promote and market his projects through:

  • Strong media relations and comprehensive marketing campaign.
  • Promotional materials and brochures
  • Global, national and local TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, government publications and Web sites, pictorials, Internet and multimedia advertising
  • Word of mouth

Ivan, a respected commercial aerial photographer and video operator, commits to working with sponsors to maximize their ROI by:

  • Assisting in recruiting and coordinating media coverage.
  • Facilitation in the production of news releases, media kits, and promotions of the event
  • Promotion of the event on the Web.
  • Post event evaluation and media exposure monitoring.
  • Documentary films and Video footage

The wide range of Ivan’s talents, skills and achievements are products of a belief he holds constant: Creativity is based on breaking limiting thought patterns. With this in mind, he has challenged himself to create concepts in the vertical environment and contributions to the aerial/vertical word of rescue.