We Are in a Transition to a Higher Level of Extreme Rope Access


We are an unconventional company with a focus on solving cost effective problems, safety and innovation. We pioneered the most comprehensive aerial and high rise, extreme remote access and rope rescue services in Canada. Our reputation is built over the years by completing some of the most challenging rope access projects in a high-rise environment and helicopter operations. One of them is the first exterior repair at 1725′ during winter extreme conditions and winds above 60km/h.

We address our customer’ projects in the most time and cost efficient way. Our ongoing research and investment has produced a level of quality, which surpasses many times that of the competition. It ensures that you will get the best professionals in the business, the latest equipment, and the most innovative service.


Letter CN TowerA small company created in Toronto is now a consulting legend known around the world.

The company has combined innovation and bold solutions to some of the most dare-devil responses on some of the tallest buildings in the world. Founded by Ivan Kristoff in 1993, Eiger has become the world’s first company to explore the rope access to buildings higher than 553 meters.

With the background of 30 years in the rope access world, Ivan has revolutionized the high rise suspended history with his concept for Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Techniques (H.E.A.R.T.)

Throughout its existence, the Eiger brand has collaborated with the world’s renowned brands. In 2015 the Eiger brand identity will be re-branded as the new brand and trade mark – Ivan Kristoff. 

The new business development of the company involves establishing a an  Institute for Vertical Access Operations and an International Vertical Access Network (I.V.A.N.), which will operate the Institute.

Ivan Kristoff, developed a love for high-rises and high altitude mountains at an early age. At the age of 15, he started exploring rope access in deep caves, hundreds of meters under the ground.  His extraordinary work experience on super high rise buildings as an independent operator, and his high-profile partnership with the world’s renowned companies, have established him as a highly respected international rope access consultant.

He earned his nickname “Spiderman” by the Canadian media in 1995, as the most well known rope access technician on the planet for his accomplishments as a world record setter for rappeling from a flying helicopter and boundary breaker for suspended rope access.

Now he develops the most advanced training program for vertical and aerial rescue units on the  “Mentors and Apprentices” Art initiative.

``If I could make it, to be the first to complete the rope access work on the top of the urban world, I can make it anywhere``, says Ivan Kristoff

Rope Access at High Altitude

Ivan Kristoff and his company Eiger provide special rope access services at high altitude  for the building development industry, high rise construction, consulting engineers, anchor engineering and restoration companies. Any size of  job can be managed a cost effective and time saving manner. We consult our clients for the best available options and resources.

Projects that are performed usually by heavy swing stages, are conducted in light rope access instead. We save money, time and headaches for our customers by constantly researching innovative solutions for exterior and interior high angle rope work.  It decreases the risk for break-ins using the swing stages and scaffolds. Especially for suspended access work at extreme heights. A good example for this is done the first rope access exterior repair on the tallest Antenna Mast on the planet. We proposed to the consulting engineers and building owners to access the area for repair in an unconventional way. And we completed the job in a shorter time, than expected, regardless of the harsh conditions and sudden extreme weather change

Our personnel are trained in high-rise rescue and emergency response.

Multi discipline, an advanced education for rope access related IT
We firmly believe that multi disciplinary, education is essential to growing the rope access industry, and that team supervisors must be fully in charge of their own rescue operations in time of crisis or emergency response. We have developed a comprehensive training program to teach the essentials of vertical and aerial rescue, to create a pool of crew members who are skilled at using versatile rope rescue systems.

Also, there is a Digital Workflow training program, designed for the individual working on the rope, who want to be trained to conduct technical reports and video/photo monitoring of rope access related work and projects.

The digital Workflow training covers the following topics:

• Intro to remote, progress and 3D photography
• Camera Rigs, Tools & Hardware
• On Set Workflow
• Intro to Camera Remote Control and Wireless Transmission of Image Processing Software
• Hands-on Shooting

A five-day master class in aerial photography is also available on a limited basis.

Please contact us for complete curriculum, availability and current pricing information.

In order to cover the expenses for our volunteer work, we offer the following Helicopter Operations:
  • Airborne rope access
  • Pipeline/Traffic and Powerline Patrol
  • Heavy equipment hauling
  • Aerial Advertising and Photography
  • Special Events
Exterior Services

Our exterior high rise specialists can fix the problem if it originates on the exterior of the building. If you want to know what is on the outside of your building, let us be your eyes. We can document the conditions of your exterior building envelope in pictures and words.

We cover the whole spectrum of vertical/aerial operations. Space Services is the challenge of vertical access, where our team goes airborne and works hard to reach places. From Assembly, Installation and Removal of temporary fall arrest systems and anchoring attachment points to aerial access provided by helicopters, we provide fully integrated services globally. Our clients can have a visual control of our remote access operations at any time and anywhere, provided by our wireless and video broadcast communications, technology and know-how.

Our mobile teams that travel anywhere to service all types of rope access projects can provide fully integrated space services globally. Our Rope Access technicians have worked on many projects throughout the world.

We provide unique solutions for vertical operations: 

  • Exterior Building Envelope Maintenance/Repairs
  • Emergency Work, Damage and Quality Control
  • Remote Condition Surveys and Documentation
  • Sealing/Caulking, Renovations and Painting
  • Masonry, Brickwork and Tuck Pointing
  • Rigging, shaft and confined space access
  • Exhaust vent clean out and flapper repairs

Quick removal of loose objects and repair of deficiencies on the face of the building

  • Spalling of concrete and stucco
  • Flashing and decorating/architectural features
  • Stabilization anchor systems and monorails
  • Security and monitoring equipment
  • Ads, Signage and Billboard Installing
  • Lighting and decorating/architectural features

Installation of objects at any level  

  • Signs, monitoring equipment and monorails
  • Vertical stabilization buttons and remote anchors
  • Decorating/Architectural features
  • Stabilization anchor systems and monorails
  • Security and monitoring equipment
  • Ads, Signage and Billboard Installing
  • Lighting and decorating/architectural features

Confined space inspection and survey operations in accordance with HSE “Confined Space entry regulations” 1997

Areas of operations:

  • Engineer led confined space access for inspection of structures and facilities
  • Independent inspection, supervision and management of works
  • Emergency response and rescue

Ivan Kristoff’s technical and operational personnel are fully trained in confined space entry and operations. We have emergency services experts coming from the Fire Department.

Rapid Response
The Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) has been always on standby. We are the industry leader in providing high-rise, aerial emergency response and rope rescue to inaccessible places.

The team provides prompt emergency repairs at any height and exterior high-rise services. We are  an all-in-house-support company. We provide our own emergency vehicles, equipment, high-tech IT communications, photo-video equipment and mobile computing for:

  • Aerial operations with helicopters
  • Remote Photography and Video Surveys
  • High Rise Emergency Response Rescue and Planning
  • Rope Access and Rigging Equipment Training, Sales and Rentals
  • Consulting for property managers, construction project managers and security management
Emergency Response for High-rise Rescue


Extreme events


Extreme ropework

Иван Кристоф показа eкстремно спускане от голяма височина, което може да спаси човешки живот
Achieve New Heights in Training with Us

We never walk away from a challenge. Our mission is to help our vertical access technicians achieve their goals based on sound nutritional advice and scientifically proven weight training exercises. When we test our physical and mental boundaries we open the door to new levels of achievement not just in training but in all aspects of daily life.

Since 1993 we have developed elite ropework expertise and high performance individuals that aspire to be the best they can possibly be. Training individuals to work at extreme heights like rope access, our employees are redefining the limits of human potential and achievement.

We are dedicated to each professional and will help in any way possible to see that the job gets done.  In 1997 our principal did the longest decent and ascend on a rope, suspended from a helicopter and initiated of achievements for rope access work.

These types of endeavors are encouraged by us as we train to change the impossible to the possible. Continuing cutting edge advances in strength training and nutrition will allow our professionals to lead the way for your next mission.

Aerial Safety Expertise

Ivan Kristoff’s has undertaken a unique project with the Bulgarian Air Force, member of the NATO alliance, to create new standards for vertical and helicopter rope work operations during emergency response on highrise buildings.

He  has extensive experience in extreme conditions, combat training and helicopter ropework with Military tactical aviation units.

He has contributed to the development of innovative procedures for rapid deployment of emergency responders from MI-24, one of the world’s fastest helicopters.His  solutions for operations at height, emergency response and rescue applications have played an important role in the exploration of verticality and setting up new trends in the suspended access environment

Our Solutions


Tyrolean Traverse


On February 14, 2002, Ivan Kristoff conducted a vertical rope rescue demonstration  with the Academy at the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior “Faculty of Fire Service and Emergency”. This was part of the cross training, preparations and event planning for the technical rope access training at Hotel Kempinski-Zografsky.

See the videos


Our teams make advanced installations for customers with high demands on safety and quality. By having us make installations our customers save time and money whilst minimizing damages to the local environment and interruptions of operations.

Heavy lifting up to three tons with our own system, and up to five tones with a helicopter for Installation of objects at any level:

  • Stabilization anchor systems and monorails
  • Security and Monitoring Equipment
  • Advertising, Signage and Billboard Installing
  • Lighting and Decorating/Architectural feature
  • Banner placement on buildings, bridges and cliff faces
  • Roof safety systems


Rope Access Advertising on High Structures

Heavy lifting up to three tons with our own system, and up to five tones with a helicopter for:

  • Banner placement on buildings, bridges and cliff faces
  • Advertising, Signage and Billboard Installing
  • Lighting and Decorating/Architectural feature

Our company has a long time experience of working with international production companies, documentary films, reality TV shows, and other trades involved with the world of advertising. Our own creative and marketing team can assist clients with know-how in this field of creative work.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

First time in the hot air ballooning
Hot Air Balloon Flights over Bulgaria and Beyond

Experience the freedom and tranquility of floating across the countryside,while rappelling down on a rope, suspended by a hot air balloon. This is the ultimate excitement of hanging around and training rope access progression, while you are getting a bird’s eye view of places you know and maybe where you live.

Each flight is an adventure, each flight different, the final destination unknown. Helicopter operations are to0 costly only the specialized tween engine choppers and external host system or a winch is appropriate for this kind of adventure.

Rope access training during Hot Air Ballooning takes place throughout the year whenever the weather is suitable.  In the summer, our flights generally take place soon after dawn or in the early evening.  Winter flights are usually possible throughout the day.  The final decision to fly, with safety in mind, always rests with the pilot.

The Eiger's Off Road Emergency truck

First time in the motor worldMotoLakeOntarioSpiderMotoVerticalSOSmoto

IvanKristoff's Emergency truck - Xterra

Eiger's Video Channels
International Services

Rope Access Work Sarscene98

Live-Video Broadcast

Permanent Visual Records

We provide high resolution pictures and video footage of our projects and emergency response and rescue procedures. We can broadcast live video reports during our remote access operations.

  • Digital pictures: Large format, poster size 300dpi
  • Still Photos: 35 mm. negatives or slides
  • Video footage: Mini DV, S-VHS, VHS , DVD and CD format

Live video monitoring and progression photography via:

  • Wireless Video-Audio Transmitter and Video/Audio/Time-Code Receiver
  • Wireless Photo Transmitter and Remote Camera Control
  • Field Image System (CCD camera + LCD monitor) for progress of work, supervises and recording images with a video camera.
Rope Access Services

Confined space access work

High angle rope access industrial maintenance, repairs, mechanical rigging and installations

On site fall protection, high angle rescue and rescue training.

Welding repairs in difficult to access places 4G-6G
Inspection services include a full range of traditional NDT nondestructive testing solutions to support asset integrity in difficult access locations;

We provide highly skilled Access Specialists to install and maintain high towers and masts, which can include microwave dishes, satellite equipment, anemometers, CCTV, radar, and even the safety navigational lights seen on all stacks and communication towers.

Contracted Rescue
We are your solution to increasing safety regulations and rising operational costs. Whether during plant shutdowns or when the task at hand, simply exceeds your safety training level, Remote Access will tailor a plan for your facility. Our Standby Rescue Coordinators and Rescue Technicians are able to prepare written pre-hazard and rescue plans. Additionally, the use of your company’s attendants can be achieved by utilizing our Top-Up Training.

Industrial Safety Training & Consulting
We have provided Industrial Compliance Training in accordance with Federal, State and Provincial Regulations to thousands of workers throughout industry. Our programs range from awareness, operations and technician levels as described by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1670. In addition, we can be contracted to carry out complete Confined Space and Fall Protection Hazard Assessments of your facility.

Commercial Property Services
We provide inspection, maintenance and repair services to Commercial Property Managers and Owners.

Our technicians are skilled trades people and certified in accordance with the International Window Cleaning Association’s certification program, in addition to the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians.

We ha experienced structural engineering resources and we are able to provide services in accordance with all governing safety regulations and applicable codes.

The obvious advantages to using certified technicians is the quality of service and skilled workmanship provided by a company that insists on putting “Safety First”.

Our methods are safe and our workmanship is guaranteed.

Transportation Services
We provide a wide range of rope access services to the Rail, Highway and Urban Development Sectors.

From overpass and pier inspections to cable installation or concrete boring in difficult access areas, our experience ensures that our clients are provided with safe, long lasting and an esthetically pleasing results.

Our highly skilled technicians provide the high quality of service that our clients have come to expect from the Rope Access Experts

Rope access and helicopter operations for charity

During the  Annual Lastman Classic Golf Tournament our team, together with Mel Lastman,  the Mayor of Toronto City, raised $445,ooo for charitable cause for:

  • The Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto,
  • Centenary Health Centre Foundation,
  • Mount Sinai Hospital, the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation,
  • The Community Association for the Riding Disabled,
  • The Rouge Valley Hospital Health System Foundation,
  • The Canadian Liver Foundation.

This series of events took place at the Lionhead Golf & Country Club:

  • The 11th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – 1st day
  • The 11th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – 2nd day
  • The 10th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – 1st day
  • The 10th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – 2nd day
  • The 8th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – 1st day
  • The 8th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – 2nd day

Read the full story: Aerial acrobatics with Mayor Mel Lastman

Was that Mel, or his stunt double?

By JOHN DOWNING – Toronto Sun
“I knew about Mel joining gymnasts on a trampoline to promote our Olympic bid, but a press release about Mel’s golf tournament for several worthy causes said he was going to rappel down a rope from a helicopter…”