Consulting for Extreme Rope Access and Rescue


While we focus on behind the scene marketing, we work with a limited number of clients in a business consulting capacity. Our specialty is at the executive level with a focus on PR and communication strategy, digital marketing and branding. In particular, we can support your business objectives in the following areas:

  • developing digital marketing strategies
  • leveraging social media platforms
  • designing product “menus” to increase sales

Emergency Response Management Consulting
Ivan Kristoff is a consultant who has worked in rescue-related activities since the late 80’s. He initiated a lot of new concepts for the high-rise construction and super highrise building management. Besides his rope access and aerial operation activities, Ivan is a technical consultant to some technological companies, academic institutions and SAR organizations.

Ivan’s solutions for operations at height, emergency response and rescue applications have played an important role in the exploration of verticality and setting up new trends in the suspended access environment. He contributes to the development of innovative procedures for rapid deployment of emergency responders from helicopters. His team of aerial response specialists and emergency preparedness professionals have extensive experience in extreme conditions, combat training and helicopter rope work with Military and Police tactical aviation units and more…

Ivan works with clients to conduct risk assessments, identify potential hazards and provides emergency response consulting services and plans on how to minimize impacts to human life, the environment, property and public image. Services include training solutions for:

  • Rapid vertical access and aerial emergency response
  • Emergency Response Plan Familiarization
  • Managing Emergency Operations – Vertical and Helicopter rope access operations
  • Exercise Design for Technical Demonstrations

Ivan Kristoff’s consultation services are offered to building contractors, architects, public authorities and technical consultancy firms. By planning for maintenance and inspection by means of vertical access early on in a project, the future costs for maintenance and inspection can be kept down. Making a project suitable for vertical access typically requires only a small investment. Service and maintenance can be carried out without scaffolds and mobile cranes thus saving time and money.

Consulting and supervisions of rope access technicians
Ivan Kristoff consults clients in the field of highrise vertical and helicopter access business solutions. Clients who benefit from Ivan’s pioneering experience and know-how in the rope access environment,  include directors of operations, consulting engineers, project and property managers of high profile buildings. He is the eyes of his clients for the performed work and supervision of workers hanging on the facade and hard to reach places. He has never hesitated to respond to emergency calls for work in hazardous environment in tall buildings, where the workers have been evacuated and run out of the job site in a rush. Literally.

His battle proven and time tested experience, and knowledge for work at extreme heights and conditions allows him to advice promptly even in moments of chaos and flying objects on construction sites in strong winds.

His professional conduct and performance on some of the highrise landmarks of North America, has brought media attention and marketing benefits for the building owners. Ivan Kristoff consulting services have been recognized by the international media, and  required by leading marketing and IT manufacturing companies. While he participated in their case studies and projects, Ivan was able to learn from the best.  That is how government and private organizations,  marketing, PR and special event organizers, TV and movie producer, documentary directors have benefited from his rope access related issues.
The third part consultant services are supported by the Ivan’s Team assistance, consisting of top expert in their field of expertise. For example, when Ivan had to do the world’s first rope access ascending on a kernmantle rope, suspended by a helicopter, he was personally assured by the Chief Commander of Bulgarian Air Force, that he will be working with the best rescue pilot, Maj. Marko Todorov, I class pilot, Inspector Combat Preparation, who has extensive experience in dangerous tactical and extreme flying.
When the Mayor of Toronto City, had to participate in Ivan’s aerial stunt performance at the 8th, 10th and 11th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournaments, they had to work with the most experienced helicopter pilot for the Canadian movie industry –  Dave Tomasini, owner of a helicopter company. As Graham Scott, editor of “The Varsity” newspaper writes: ” U of T’s friendly neighborhood spiderman- Kristoff is the brains and brawn behind Eiger Rope Access Work Inc., his company that goes places other companies can’t. ‘It specializes in inaccessible places,’ he said, such as perilously narrow ledges on the sides of buildings, rough terrain where ground vehicles couldn’t move fast enough, and, in one case, the underside of the SkyDome. His stunt with Mel Lastman in September was a demonstration of how Kristoff works; he showed off his skills to participants in the mayor’s annual charity golf tournament.”

The Research & Development project of his team are supported by the leading telecommunication company experts.
Ivan Kristoff’s commitment to safety, experience in super tall buildings and passion for exploration is what makes him a 0ne-of-a-kind innovators. This is the driving force that raised him among the best in the world. For some projects and buildings, where there is a need for remote monitoring and third party consulting, Ivan provides the following services:

High rise Exterior Services – Vertical Operations

  • Quality control of exterior services
  • Technical and inspection reports of performed work on the exterior walls
  • Emergency repairs
  • Supervision of suspended access (safety systems/swing stage operators) and rope access technicians

Helicopter Access Services

  • Helicopter operations –  Avio Rescue and human (tenants/laborers) evacuation
  • Aerial High-rise Emergency response and Rescue
  • Creating a specialized methodology and protocols for rappelling from a helicopter, evacuation of people and transportation of heavy equipment by air

Remote surveillance of exterior countenances in real time

  • Remote camera inspections
  • Aerial photo monitoring and 3D panoramic view on the exterior wall and performed work
  • Documentation of visual materials performed work
  • Wireless photo and video surveillance and broadcast

Safety & Security

  • Organizing a High-rise Emergency and Aerial Response Team (HEART)
  • Rope Access Work and safety for the window washers
  • Training fireman and rescue organizations for High-rise emergency rescue
  • Security assessments for the vulnerable areas on access to the exterior walls of high-rise buildings


  • Special events
  • World records
  • Reality TV or Web TV shows
  • Aerial and promotional photography of the destinations