Our Work Process

професионални ръкавици и сбруи за работа с въжета


During this phase we dive deep into research, discovering the best solution to your business challenge. We’ve built & run our own Training Base where we test new equipment and a Creative Center where we do product photography and portray in interesting and attractive way any products. We work in cooperation with government and private agencies that have testing laboratories and organizations with whom we partner to test in extreme ways new products. We go out, travel around the world if necessary to meet with the Top minds and generate ideas that are new and avant-garde. It is essential that we are given enough time to devise a strategy that is innovative and effective.

Start / Kick-off

We have multidisciplinary training and lots of experience in working with different industries. For each project we assign the most suitable team before we kick things off with an initial meeting. During that we clarify all project goals, stakeholders, resources, initial assumptions and expectations. We believe in a workshop-based approach with appropriate staff representing you and any other 3rd parties that are involved in the project.

Затова и направихме фото сесии с маркови дрехи и аксесоари от скъпи материали, като панталони Версаче, ръкавици Оакли, часовник Таг Хоьер, колан и ризи на Армани,

Dedicated Support

Once we finalize the scope of work, sketch the ideas and develop a plan, with our team, we we’ll work closely with you to address every story in the project to make sure that we’ve got every base covered and do a lot of research; we really believe that this phase is the key to success or failure. We put a lot of energy into this phase to ensure that we’ve designed the best possible solution for your needs.

Delivery and Creative Work

We built our  reputation on my ability to imagine and deliver excellent creative work on different social media platforms, whether that’s been on the news or we  had to created the news. We organize special events, participate in Trade Shows and Helishows and exhibitions where we can showcase your products in a new way and with newsworthy causes. Oiur favorite way is to create experiential marketing programs and get people excited about it.

Много е важно да се направи специална фото сесия с емблемата на ВВС, за да се представят инициатив в бъдешето и да се мисли с поне 10 години ниапред

The Special Event

Congrats, your unique presentation is ready! Your special event is live! The cameras are focused on your products. The media is excited, so we are…. But keep in mind that the competition will try to copy us, so we should think about next steps…