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Extreme Rope Access and Rescue Training

Работа на високо

No Limits and No  Boundaries for Rope access and Highrise Emergency Response Solutions
Ivan Kristoff ’s solutions for operations at extreme heights, emergency response and rescue applications have played an important role in the exploration of verticality and setting up new trends in the suspended access environment. He contributes to the development of innovative procedures for rapid deployment of emergency responders from ENSTROM 480 B light turbine helicopter and MI-24, the world’s fastest helicopter.

His team of aerial response specialists have extensive experience in extreme conditions.

Institute for Vertical and Aerial operatioNs

Rope Access Training for Highrise Emergency Aerial Response
Our team provides a multi-phased process training for rope work operations. We implement the most advanced technology, equipment and most efficient strategy for emergency response and rescue with contingency plans for:

Vertical operations:

  • Suspended Access
  • Rope Access Work
  • Elevation of people and equipment

Rope rescue:

  • High Angle Rescue
  • Aerial/Vertical Rescue
  • Helicopter Human Extraction
Човека паяк в Дубай

The Institute for Vertical and Aerial operatioNs (I.V.A.N.)
Welcome to Ivan Kristoff’s initiatives for Interactive Rope Rescue Education and Extreme Rope Access.  He trains amateurs until they get it right and professional until they can’t get it wrong.

Ivan Kristoff strength is to foresee the problems in the rope access, suspended access and rope rescue on super high-rise buildings and find solutions ahead of time. This is one of the reason he is one of the top paid consultants in his field of work.

Ivan’s missions is to provide rope access safety and rescue education to people seeking introductory and advanced knowledge for the rope and suspended access industry. His goal is to make vertical and aerial rope work safety common knowledge and available to everyone. This is a free public service financed by Ivan Kristoff.  His vision is to share our passion, experience and knowledge of extreme rope access operations with others through edutainment and interactive training that helps the work in vertical environment to be safer and bring awareness to potential dangers.

Ivan’s approach is to educate new students through modern forms of television productions, film,  and multi media exhibits, which use entertainment to attract and maintain an audience, while incorporating deliberate educational content or messages.

This year’s project for Ivan is to design a certification program for aerial and vertical rope work operations.

Most famous by the nickname Spiderman, the rope access visionary Ivan Kristoff supports vertical and aerial educational activities for young people of all ages. Since the new Millennium, Ivan provided sponsorship to the HEART and SOS rescue teams. Ivan also supports military and academic aviation education.

His remarkable feats include becoming the first person to complete solo work on the tallest building and tower in 2003. One of his other great triumphs was the spectacular world record for ascending and rappelling from a helicopter.

His ambition, professionalism and determination to succeed, as well as his innovative thinking and the challenges he reaches, are the key for his success.


Confined Space Rescue
As part of the rescue team’s role, searches are carried out in confined spaces to recover property or bodies.  We carry out the searches in accordance with the Confined Space Regulations 1997 and the Diving at Work Regulations. They define a confined space as: ‘any place including any chamber, tank, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, well or other similar space in which by virtue of its enclosed nature there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk’.

Specified risk means a risk of :

  • Serious injury to any person from fire or explosion
  • Loss of consciousness through increase in body temperature
  • Loss of consciousness or asphyxiation through gas, fume vapor or lack of oxygen
  • Drowning through increase in the level of liquid
  • Asphyxiation from a free flowing solid.

To assist in the searches the unit owns specialized equipment including:

  • ropes
  • harnesses
  • escape breathing apparatus
  • intrinsically safe torches (torches that can be used in explosive atmospheres with no risk of causing electrical sparks)
  • gas detectors for the monitoring of the atmosphere to be entered
  • portable lifting equipment to assist the entry and exit of people into the confined space.

Training for the team consists of a 2 day initial course with an Health and Safety Executive approved instructor and refresher training every 3 years.

Our Field Personnel are…

  • safety conscious with an excellent safety record and 0 (zero) accidents
  • highly experienced in exterior building maintenance and trained in specialized trades
  • prepared for international travel
    able to mobilize quickly… even to remote locations
  • experienced in working under extreme environmental conditions
    flexible and results oriented
  • experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring customers’ satisfaction

On top of the Urban World in 2003

Демонстрация на тактическо спасяване на пострадали

Specialized training with tactical units
The Bulgarian Fire Department, Police and Specialized Unit for Combating Terrorism, conducted the “Blackhawk 2007” exercise for emergency response during crisis situation, resulted from a terrorist attack. Ivan Kristoff, known as Spiderman, helped for the evacuation of a heavy injured victim after a fire blaze on the roof.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs demonstrated how to handle terrorism threat on 9/11, 6 years after the attacks in New York. More…

Eurocopter Сougar helicopter Rappelling

Medevac from a military helicopter and Fast rope descends and extraction
Our personnel is trained in practical descend from a helicopter with “Rope Descend System”, rappel and ex-filtration through “Rope Rescue System” from Eurocopter Cougar AS-532. We trained with the experts, who have over 20 years experience with Medevac Evacuation and Extraction with winch cable hauling system and “Fast rope descends and extraction”.

Heli Rope Rescue Just Capture It

Water Rescue by Air conducted by H.E.A.R.T. rescue pilots

Video: Water Self Rescue and hauling of external human cargo

More: www.Youtube.com/teameiger