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Aerial events and helicopter operations

HELIRAPPELLINGOur Heli Team is scaling new heights in the world of aviation. Now the team performs even on single engine helicopters.  On November 22, 2009, the team conducted the very first rappelling from the central positioning of the Enstrom 408B. This was done during the testing of a certified rescue stretcher for medical evacuation. Also, at the same day, the team tested a self rescue procedure from the central anchoring of a the external hook. To our knowledge, these feats were the very first rappelling operations from the central anchoring attachment of a single engine helicopter.

This one-of a-kind helicopter team consist of top-notch experienced professionals and aerial experts. Heli Rappelling Aerobatics is one of the newest extreme disciplines – and one of the most spectacular demonstration for helicopter shows.

The team has his own photo and video equipment for 3D (360 degree) photographic and panoramic visual recording.

We have has organized aerial special events and provided airborne vertical rope access services throughout Ontario, Canada since year 1997. In 2002, we organized a specialized training with the Air Police Wing and the Faculty of Fire Emergency and Safety of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior. Later he initiated his  Series of World Records with the Bulgarian Air Forces.

Throughout the years Ivan has used helicopters and light aviation for visual assistance, transporting rope access/rescue personnel and equipment to remote areas, aerial construction operations, and as a platform for aerial photography and filming. More…

Air FireSpecial Applications
Ivan’s  innovative approach and know-how has brought the world unique point-of-view coverage of major special events including charitable golf tournaments and cultural events. Using specialized cameras mounted to aircraft and emergency vehicles, as well as our proprietary on-board cameras at CFL games, our systems provide stunning imagery from unique points of view. Other specialized professional applications include the wireless video broadcast used in television coverage of Ivan Krsitoff“s aerial performance, and helmet cameras used in his endeavors.

Currently, we are opening an Advanced Training Center for rope access technicians.

a10thThe first civilian aerobatics team performing on helicopters 
Spidercopter will be brand name for Ivan Kristoff’s helicopter display team. The team has performed on Eurocopter AS355 F1 TwinStar (with central and lateral rappelling attachments), Eurocopter Dauphin, Eurocopter Cougar AS-532MI-17 (with central and lateral rappelling attachments), Enstrom 480 B, and Robinson 22. The team creates it’s own special events, musical video clips and performs at public and charitable events around North America and Europe.

Ivan Kristoff is the aerial stunt coordinator and mid air rope access performer. In 1997, Ivan Kristoff, called by the media “Spiderman”, created the first civilian aerobatics team performing on helicopters. In 2010, the Real life Spiderman, as called 10 years ago by the Toronto Sun newspaper and writer Steve Payne, decided to brand himself with the Spidercopter name. The goal of the team is to grow into a mid-air rope access aerobatic team.

Based in Toronto, Canada and Bulgaria, the flying team offered a full package of quality services from the high-rise construction to the entertainment industry – everything from exterior building maintenance, emergency response and training to special events.

We are dedicated to providing solutions to the Emergency Services, Search and Rescue/Crisis Response and heavy equipment hauling with the following services:

1920X1280Our team is ready to tackle any vertical and aerial operations in the province of Ontario, Canada and in Bulgaria. Whether you have to hang on the side of a cliff,  a high angle slope or a high-rise building, you can count on rapid, uncomplicated assistance from the air.

We have created an International Vertical and Aerial Network (IVAN) with academic institutions, EMS agencies, military, police and private avio companies, aerial experts with over 20 years of working experience, and industry leaders in their respective fields.

In situations of public safety and security, tactical information can mean the difference between life and death – between control and chaos.

When there is little margin for error, the success of your mission depends on uncompromising performance.

Integrated visual information systems from Wescam provide real-time situation awareness for search and rescue, maritime patrol, law enforcement, perimeter security, emergency medical services, and other civil applications.

Helicopter Rental
Our partner’s aircraft an pilots are always on standby for your project. We are flexible to your timeline. They are able to accommodate other types of aerial equipment in our aircraft such as video, imagery, and mobile communications for wireless broadcast and data transmission.

Our helicopter are equipped with a wide selection of mission equipment including:

  • Dual cargo hook
  • Rappelling hooks


Eurocopter AS355 Twinstar

1st Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day
10th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament
Canadian Prime Time TV News with CBC TV and CityTV
CFTO TV, World Beat News with Ivan Kristoff

The 8th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament
The 8th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – second day

Lionhead Golf & Country Club – second day
The 11th Annual Lastman Charity Golf Tournament – second day

MI17 with lateral anchoring attachment (from the side door)– Bulgarian Air Forces
MI17  with central anchoring attachment (from the hatch)– Bulgarian National Police (Gendarmeria)
Eurocopter Dauphin – VIP
Eurocopter Cougar – AS532
Enstrom B480
Robinson 22
Bell 427
AugustaWestland AW109 Power
Augusta A109K2 Medical Helicopter for Air Ambulance Emergency

World record for rappelling and ascending on a rope from a helicopter

Water and aerial rescue from a helicopter conducted by H.E.A.R.T. rescue pilots

Ivan Kristoff to the rescue – showcase of rapid emergency response by air

Ropework Adrenaline Show
From June 18th – 25th, 2011, during the festival in Balchik, a team of adrenaline-loving filmmakers from the I.V.A.N. gathered together to search inspirations for short films. Members of the Highrise Emergency and Air Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) and the SPECIAL OPERATIONS SERVICES (S.O.S.) TEAM will create a documentary film of aerial and vertical operations.