Effective promotion of an event is an all around process. We offer a full range of services and creative work for our clients by focusing on their needs and opportunity for business development.

"Our creative work makes a world of difference. We focus on innovative ideas that positively influence and shape the success of a brand and experiential marketing. We use the most effective ways to build a memorable experience with your brand and the target audience. We have created powerful connection for our clients and their brands in local and international markets and popularized our events in the international media"

We give away $10,000 per month in Google Ads for partners

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With a Partnership Program we can use the $10K USD of digital advertising budget to increase awareness for each month. We create visual content  for the SME and host virtual events, raise awareness for our cause, and share exciting stories with our partners about their support, services and equipment.

We can brand our Partner's logos on our 4x4 emeregency vechicle, motorscyles and outdoor boards


At #BuxtonHeights44 Br. Buxton Blvd., a very visible destination, we can promote the brands of our partners and advertise there special messages, as well, as organize a special event on our terrain. We have a 10 storey crane to use for that purpose. 

Our donation for a cause

Ivan Kristoff, founded the Bulgarian-Italian company MotoItalia Ltd. with the purpose to develop a business that can support his rescue initiatives. As he resigned as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, he donated the Italian scooters GARELLI to the Specialized Rescue Association. Now they are given for the SOS Charity.


We provide high quality promotional and viral digital content, in-house photography/video & audio production facilities, scripting & creative design, editing and special effects, web TV Series, etc.

Event Management experience includes working on international events across various categories: Helishows, Airshows, Expos, Safety and Security, Auto and Extreme Shows


We are a boutique marketing and sports sponsorship team, with specialist skills in major event management, television & digital content production and professional expert endorsement programs.


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Effective Publicity that increases public awareness with the implementation of novelty and newsworthy causes through creative solutions, strategic planning, promotional tactics interesting and attractive projects

International projects

We can take you on an aerial journey around the where Ivan Kristoff was training for his Series of World Records.

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Creative Solutions, Graphic Design, Web Design, Printing, Aerial/Extreme/360 Panoramic Video and Photography for special events with partners

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Working on all aspects of Research and Analytics, Brand Recognition, Brand Enhancement and Love Branding, Intellectual Property Management, work with Brand Ambassadors, Advertising, PR and Mass Communications

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Through our Creative Team, we make our in-house production of Newsletters, Magazines, Books, E.X.T.R.E.M.E. TV Series, and interesting storytelling for the Media Mix

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Managing high profile projects, executing with success some of the most difficult projects, working with world’s leaders in IT and supported by the word’s top brands in equipment, Ivan Kristoff knows how to make innovative and attractive marketing campaigns for partners.

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We provide creative digital and art work, media and PR execution, website and social media integration, corporate and personal communications, B2B networking and business development and sponsorship implementation.


Our upcoming event

We invite you to be part of the World’s First A.I.R. FORUM.

SQ 800 #AirForumOne


The International Vertical Access Network is achieving new heights and is constantly growing

If I can make the World's First on Top of the Urban World, I can make it anywhere for my partners!”

Ivan Kristoff


Over the years Ivan Kristoff has amazed the public and media with his heart, character, achievements and good causes. Now he implements his experience, knowledge and support of friends and world leading corporations to go further…

If I can make the World's First on Top of the Urban World, I can make it anywhere for my partners!”

Ivan Kristoff