Developing the Rescuer of the Future

As many of us are preparing for Expo 2020 Dubai with interesting projects, we  are excited to inform you that soon we will invite you for the World’s First VR  Innovation Forum. One of the innovative concepts will be for developing the Next Generation Rescuer – The Rescuer of the Future. We have tested our training methodology for urban high-rise rescue and rural SAR operations by setting New World Records in Canada and Bulgaria. 

Представяне на иновациите с Fortis

M.A.R.S.Forum ще се проведе на 12 април 2023 г. в швейцарските Алпи. Иван Кристоф има традиция да споделя знания и опит с най-добрите от най-добрите световни експерти и организации, които могат да предложат решения за непрекъснато нарастващото развитие на високите сгради в Близкия изток и световната хеликоптерна индустрия.




In the last century, “Reaching a new carrier height” was a special CTV report on Ivan Kristoff’s initiatives by Lloyd Robertson, one of the leading Canadian TV Anchors As Prof. Myer Brody, Ph.D, Department of Management at University of Toronto, says: “It is much more than just a market niche, To some extend, they are actually creating a whole market that did not exist.”  More

Achieve New Heights in Search and Rescue Training

We are welcoming you to join us in a an exciting project that we will share with our friends and pilots from the Air Forces, foreign agencies and private aviation. This year we will explore new ways to train by taking advantage of the most advanced technology in mobile computing, medical devices, heart rate monitors, GPS positioning systems, etc. With a team of professional athletes, doctors and trainers, we will document our progress,  explore new ways for training endurance under pressure and measure  our results. All data will be shared with volunteer and professional rescue teams at no cost to them. In fact we have discussed the partnership in networking with pilots and people who are interested to participate in this initiative.


This year will be the Preparation Phase for the three year project. At the Intersec in Dubai, we are planning to present our research and development or Air Rescue projects. Soon we will be organizing the Highest Wireless Video Conference and Summit for Rope Rescue training, on Mt. Everest. Our next project is to make a film for the 65th Anniversary of the first official ascent on Mt. Everest. If all is well, we hope to have a great presentation for the  Intersec 2019 and you are invited to join us for the thrill. More…

Искаме да привлечем най-добрите български специалисти в авиацията
Човекът-паяк се прицели в Еверест


Who says that there is no place for innovation on Mt. Everest? With the new formed team of E.V.E.R.E.S.T. (Extreme Vertical rEscue, Rope accEss and Safety insTructors) you can expand your knowledge in rope access and learn about a new way of training for high-altitude Search and Rescue and helicopter rope rescue operations! More


Climbing solo at high altitude – Lessons from the highest point of Europe – 18,510 feet (5,642 meters). Before becoming a student of the University of Toronto, Ivan Kristoff joined a national climbing expedition to climb Mt. Elbrus. He went just for the fun of it, but the lessons he learned from this journey, shaped his focus on safety and responsible training for people who want to venture into the world of high altitude rope access. Here is the short story of his experience. More…

Спускане със ски Първото изкачване на Иван Кристоф на върха на Европа
World's First Rope Access above 500m.


A small company created in Toronto is now a consulting legend known around the world. The company has combined innovation and bold solutions to some of the most dare-devil responses on some of the tallest buildings in the world. Founded by Ivan Kristoff in 1993, it company became the world’s first company to explore the rope access to buildings higher than 553meters. Its reputation is built over the years by completing some of the most challenging rope access projects in a high-rise environment and helicopter operations. One of them is the first exterior repair on the top of the tallest tower in the world, during winter extreme conditions and winds above 60km/h. More…

Showcasing Innovation with Fortis

The M.A.R.S. Forum will be held on April 12, 2019 in the Swiss Alps. Ivan Kristoff has the tradition to share knowledge and experience with the best of the best world experts and organizations that can offer solutions to the constantly increasing high-rise building development in the Middle East and the world’s helicopter industry



Ivan Kristoff has been involved in several high-profile construction projects, in which he utilized systems and solutions that he learned from caving. At an early age,  he dreamed of going where no one has gone before. That was a daring ambition for a child, who had no knowledge of  the dangers and obstacles to  achieving such a dream. He was naive, as a kid could be naive about in this childish ambition. But soon, when he enters the underground vertical world, he realized that being small and naive can help you achieve your dreams and go where the others cannot. More…

in the Cave


The Underwater Exploration teammates of the International Vertical Access Network provide a multidisciplinary training for rope access at extreme heights and depths.


Team members are encouraged to train in harsh and versatile  environment in order to be prepared to work efficiently extreme conditions and crisis situations. We have a strong bond with the underwater sports, because work at a high level of risks and rapid access aerial/ vertical operations require the learning of proper breathing and relaxation techniques. More…


“I would like to thank all my friends and partners who stood by me in some of the most daring aerial experimental projects and training in difficult and extremely risky situations. Many times we broke the helicopter manufacturing restrictions of MI 17 helicopter with the Bulgarian Air Forces Tactical Aviation. Special thanks to the Commanders and members of Bulgarian  Air Base 24 and 26, Air Police Wing (Special Air Surveillance Unit), Gendarmeria Air Wing, the Faculty of  “Firefighting and Safety” of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior and volunteer rescuers with whom we had a very fruitful experience.

I greatly appreciate their friendship and bravery. With some of them we went into extreme and scary  situations in the air, be we got out of them safely and with very unique experience.”

I. K.


What The Prime Minister and

Generals of Bulgaria are saying