Product placement in musical clips

Catching the emotions through the music
Music is the best way to spread a slogan or spread out the message to the young generation. This is why Ivan Kristoff co-produced his first video clip “Fire Off” with the rapper Kristo. The music, sports and abstract art are associated with the source of energy that stimulate us to be proactive. This combination collects a motivated team of our artists, who aim to attract the young audiences by showing, inspiring and motivating them to use energy in a positive and beneficial effect.

Soundtrack for product placement
Music and extreme sports are the focus on our campaign to promote hotels, destinations,  volunteer rescue initiatives and client’s product. This combination gathers a team of two artists Kristo & Ivan Kristoff, who aim to attract young audiences, show them through inspiring and motivating ways a positive and useful direction for some community based activities.

Now, Ivan Kristoff is on a mission to capture on film the professional life of military and police helicopter pilots and air crew men. He is teaming up with various private and government organizations to film extreme vertical operations with helicopters. Ivan has created and assisted in many special events with the Metropolitan Toronto Police, Toronto Fire Department, Ambulance and various Canadian, American and Bulgarian emergency services since 1997.

The premier of the short film will be shown at the Dubai Helishow 2016. Ivan Kristoff’s Outdoor Broadcast Emergency Car is the prime web TV station for this project.

DSC_5395-1 See our portfolio on Aerial stunts for the music