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“We are  determined to pioneer new ways of rescue and procedures, which will improve the efficiency of ER and open a new world of life saving.








Join innovative concept for the high altitude rope access and air rescue, helicopter operations and aviation safety. We are developing a new generation of rescuers to open the boundaries for vertical and aerial rescue. Our mission is to initiate Project A.I.R. and we focus on using the newest technology and the boldest concepts. We recognize that improving access to the unreachable places on Earth is a fundamentally challenging ambition. We will achieve it only in a spirit of collaboration and a recognition that we must continually learn and can always improve.

We recognize that the answers to many of the challenges we face in hard to reach places and do what no humans can do, lie in making better use of technology. We are at the dawn of a golden age of rope rescue exploration, which will transform our relationship with the aviation and with the IT industry. With Project A.I.R. we will create a new future market. It has the potential to grow and a new industry will be born. It will change the world of rescue for the New Generation of Rescuers. With our partners, we embrace the future markets for the very first step. We did the World’s First on the top of the World’s Tallest Building in 2003 and by 2020, we intend to go beyond that.



There is little that compares to the sense of awe that takes hold as we can contribute and do the World’s First in rescue. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of high rises, many super high rises and a few mega high rise buildings, only a few people have been given the opportunity to work on top of the world’s tallest buildings. And despite that there is the technology and available aircraft to complete extreme rope access to the top of the urban and the natural world, there are still a few people who have the chance to reap its benefits. It was this that inspired the creation of the new H.E.A.R.T. Project.



Throughout history of high rise building, the urge to go higher and higher has led us to find new ways to deal with the challenge of remote and rope access at extreme heights, helped us identify new resources, new technology and taught us new skills to overcome complex challenges.

By creating our Innovation Team, we will grow and evolve only through continuing to explore the unknown.

The exploration of extreme rope access and rescue is the ultimate expression of the volunteer’s desire to break boundaries and go over the limits of our human nature. Not just for the need to save lives more efficiently, but for the fact that without it, the modern emergency response would be unrecognizable.



The upcoming VR Innovation Forum will bring innovative concepts for the high altitude rope and air rescue, helicopter operations and aviation safety


We will develop the next generation of leaders in rope access, who exemplify excellence both in and outside the field of vertical operations.
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We develop rope access techs in a supportive training environment through goal-setting and excellent coaching.
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We empower rope access techs to reach their full potential and provide them with tools that support them in all aspects of their tasks.
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Arial rescue Demo

The Highrise Emergency and Air Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) is a nonprofit organization focused on growing the rope access methodology and promoting safer procedures in vertical and aerial operations. In the late 90’s of the last century,  Ivan initiated the concept of the Team in Canada through a wide media and public demonstrations, discussion panels with members of the Toronto and Ontario Emergency Services personnel, and various SAR conferences, such as the SAR-Scene 97 and 98. In 2005, he established a Special Operations Service  (SOS) team in Bulgaria, a mirror/copy of H.E.A.R.T.

Two Emergency Air Men (T.E.A.M.) is a new concept for rapid rope access aerial emergency response. When such airmen have a job to do on the exterior of super high rise building, they have to get there ASAP. From the experience of Ivan Kristoff at the top of the world’s tallest tower and building in 2003, it was concluded that a two-men working unit is the most efficient way of conducting high risk rope access at extreme heights.  It is a way for the small rescue team to work faster and respond in a rapid deployment from a helicopter. Read more…

M.A.R.S. is a pioneering project for the aerospace safety and high-rise industry. The project is initiated by Ivan Kristoff after the completion of the very first rope access work on the Antenna Mast of CN Tower (553m.), the world’s tallest structure in 2003.  For this job Ivan had to create innovative High-rise Emergency Rescue Plan and rewrite the rules for conventional air rescue from super high rise buildings. The plan includes aerial extraction of Ivan’s team from the top of the Skypod Observation deck and the vertical wall of the 100 meters tall Antenna mast.  The approximate height for this job was at the elevation of 500m. Read more…

The A.I.R.F.O.R.C.E. project is the abbreviation for a new air rescue concept fort AIRcraft Fire, recOvery Rescue for Civilian Emergency teams. Imagine if lives can be saved in midair emergency situations. It sounds like science fiction, but it is not! This is a new air rescue concept, developed by Ivan Kristoff. This concept and specialized equipment will enable to conduct air to air rescue to every emerging crisis in the air and the full range of aerial rescue all over the planet. It may be called the ultimate air rescue challenge. Read more…

At the Dubai Helishow 2012, Ivan Kristoff officially announced a new concept that can open a new chapter in the aviation, helicopter safety and aerial rescue history. In the history of aviation no one has conducted the way of Air Rescue that Ivan Kristoff proposes… He and a team of civilian, Air Police, Air Firefighters  and Air Force pilots are gathering together to work on finding and implementing solution for worst case scenarios of Air rescue. Read more…

The Academic Research TeleVision (A.R.T. Vision) is a new project that will be run along the Aerial Rescue TeleVision. At the Dubai Helishow 2016 Ivan Kristoff will present the ultimate challenge for the world of rope access and air rescue: M.A.R.S.  With students, he started filming the development of this concept and how emergency responders will train to achieve their goal. Read more…

A few years ago, Ivan Kristoff and his friends registered in Bulgaria a volunteer “Special Operations Services” – (S.O.S.) team. This non-profit organization initiated a series of tests with innovative technology and mobile computing in the air. The main objective of the SOS organization is to enhance public safety through rescue and safety education, provide emergency response, and assist in accident assessment in inaccessible places. The primary function of the team is to minimize loss of life, injuries, and maximize rescue efficiency through innovation for work at heights. Read more…

For the 70th Anniversary of the climb of Mt. Everest, Ivan Kristoff is gearing up for a new project – E.V.E.R.E.S.T. – wirEless Video confErence for Rope accEss and reScue Technicians

We can train specialized units and volunteer rescuers so hard that they can perform rope rescue on the slopes of Mt. Everest. We plan to go film a documentary for innovative Information Technology (IT) during an expedition on Mt. Everest in 2018. It will be interesting to make a short film on sherpas work and their spiritual life. Such a film can be showcased in various film festivals around the world and the new media channels. Read more…

The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and Ivan Kristoff  started working on a short film  for the S.A.S. Specialized Air Surveillance) squad and documentaries for the stunning and extraordinary work of air emergency services around the world. This is a teamwork of air crewmen, who would like to create an action-packed and informative visual presentation of their profession.

The International Vertical/Aerial Access Network (I.V.A.N.) is a network of companies and professionals who are joining forces together to work on mutual projects in the field of vertical and aerial operations. Ivan Kristoff is consistently searching for innovative ways to make rope access vertical and aerial operations more efficient and safe. In 1997, Ivan completed an unprecedented world record for ascending and rappelling from a helicopter over Lake Ontario, Canada – with one goal in mind- to help his friends form the Toronto Emergency Services to promote the 1st Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day

Dubai Rope Access Workshop 2020: D.R.A.W. THE FUTURE

One of our goals is to organize a Rope Access Workshop for Dubai Helishow 2020. The Workshop will be held in Dubai, UAE. It will be a roundtable event with not more than 20-30 experts who will exchange ideas on rescuing people from high-rise buildings and will aim definite practical benefits. Read more…


Innovative concepts