• Desi Kolev
  • Boryana Razkolnikova

About This Project

Bulgaria On Air TV: Extreme Embedded Journalism
Extreme Hot Air Ballooning


Conceptual idea: This is an extreme themed contest open to everybody…  Your mission, should you accept it – is to photograph the scenes with the hot air balloon at the Expo 2020 Dubai … so grab your camera and get ready for a photo adventure!

You could win an advertorial that feature your profile in five websites and a photo book! Photo Guidelines will be posted soon. Here are some insights about this initiative:

Прес КартаIvan Kristoff, who among his extreme endeavors on the top of the tallest buildings in the world, rope access and aerial operations is on a mission to portray and create a portfolio of amazing photographers. He plans to go again to Expo 2020 Dubai and to take cool images for articles, writing a book about the event, extreme projects and film new web TV Series. Now he is working on a project to show some aerial acrobatics with professional military and civilian pilots. He is accredited as a photo journalist for Top Gear Magazine, writes articles and develops concept for documentaries of people who are work in high risk and extreme environment.

He has been filmed in documentaries about him and since he has studied Mass Communications and Filming in the University of Toronto and New Bulgarian University,  he will do the same about people and write a book about the life and stories of amazing people who have what to show and share with the world. Recently, he presented Mansoor Alfeeli, an Emirate movie star in the Bulgarian National TV, Radio and media

Throughout the years we had the honor and privilege to work with quite interesting people to create fascinating EXTREME Sport and high adrenaline explorer’s profiles.

These profiles allowed us to gain better insight on our initiative for Embedded Extreme Journalists’ vision on life and their goals while also finding strong correlations between them despite their different backgrounds.With such information we decided to write a book for 100 Faces of the Extreme Sports which reflects the most important information on our prestigious Extreme group while also recollecting some of the most remarkable quotes and similar ways of thinking they shared with us.

We would like to take the time to thank all those that made this brilliant work possible and we look forward to present you to new members of our prestigious community in the upcoming months.