Aerial Rope Access Photography

“Mentors and Apprentices” Program – Draft Version
This Arts Initiative brings experienced pilots, rope access technicians, artists, musicians and aerial photographers with highly promising young artists to collaborate a one-to-one mentoring relationship. The program will start in Bulgaria and we hope to initiate enriching dialogue between artists of different generations, and cultures, fulfilling its aim to make a significant contribution to the visual presentation of the helicopter industry.

This project is initiated by Ivan Kristoff. The first mentors who responded were the Hollywood were the Hollywood  artist and fashion photographer Lazar Goushev, the artists Nikolay Yanakiev and Asen Milchev, music composer Kiril Milchev and singer Martin Alexandrov from X-Factor.

The program is developed in partnership with “Special Operation Services” volunteer rescue team and the partner The initiative is supported by leading experts from Bulgarian Air Forces, Border Police, Fire Department and many other high-ranked organizations

Watch an exhibition or be part of it!
Want to see firsthand what happens in our shoots? In the spring of 2017 a filming crew will follow us to make short films for extreme sports. Currently Ivan Kristoff  is teaming up with a TV crew to do 15 short (5 min.) episodes for extreme sports. The first segment of the “EXTREME with Ivan Kristoff” series of short films will be an introduction to the world of high adrenaline sports and endeavors. The rest of the episodes will be divided into 3 sections (each with 15 episodes): SEA, AIR and LAND.

The first  photo shooting will be  set over 3 days at the Rila Mountains. The event will take place during Sofia Helishow 2016 and will visualize the surrounding environment of the horizontal progression of the MidAir Rope access (M.A.R.S.) concept. The idea is to do rope access photo/video shoot and give the visuals to conceptual artists who can portray them in the form of art or conceptual photography.

At Dubai Helishow 2014, Ivan Kristoff  presented the “Mid Air Rope Access Photography” exhibition to His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who  inaugurated the event. On the second day we started the Extreme Shoot Experience at the Meydan Racecourse. The third day ended with a special workshop with young artists and participants who were interviewed as part of the main hourlong show. Our team ended the event in the Sensation White Party at the Maydan Racecourse.

For every year, the apprentice who wins the contest for best visualization of helicopter operations will receive the Ivan Kristoff’s Visual Arts Award.  The award is open to artists, photographers and cinematographers, who can best visualize the concepts of:

“Achieve New Height in Bulgaria”
“Helicopter Rescue Training in Bulgaria”
“Rope access and aerial operations Bulgaria”

Video: Ivan Kristoff presents his new projects in the “12:12:12:12:12:12:12:12:12″ presentation

DRAFT: Aerial Rappelling Acrobatics at the Sofia Rope Access Workshop 2020

WHEN:  September, 2020

 WHERE: Near the Institute for Vertical Access operatioNs in Sofia, Bulgaria.

 WHAT: Ivan Kristoff’s forward thinking has achieved new heights in photography and new dimensions in his vertical operations.  He has rappelled and climbed from Eurocopter, Mi-17 Bulgarian Tactical Aviation, Police and private twin-engine helicopters. It’s part of Ivan’s fascinating millennium project. “ I want to self-test how most civilian and government helicopters can be utilized in innovative aerial operations for vertical rescue.”

Kristoff, aka the Canadian Spiderman is stimulating the audio visual art with the project that may be called Spider Challenge

You can capture the real Spider-man and follow him vertically – in the air. Be part of the film crew of the real Spiderman, taking part in the amazing adventures, experiences and emotions!

Ivan invites you to join him and follow the real Spiderman in his new aerial acrobatics in Bulgaria. Soon he will announce a new photo contest in which every photographer has the opportunity to shoot Spider-man during his stay in Bulgaria.

To participate in this project you have to contact us. Then you will be informed of upcoming vertical and operations of the Bulgarian Spiderman. For those who want to experiment with photo and video cameras to capture three-dimensional images and video, will have the opportunity to test a new generation of 3D cameras, printers and binoculars.

The prize of this competition is the Italian brand scooter GARELLI, as a gift from Ivan Kristoff – the  Bulgarian/Canadian Spiderman.

The invitation is open to everyone.

JURY: A team of our most prominent music artists and photographers will determine the winner in this project.

PROJECT: For one day, a team of enthusiastic photographers, video operators and fans of the movie Spider-man, will follow the real life Spiderman in his vertical world.

AWARD: Limited edition scooter GARELLI.

PURPOSE: To some, the goal will be to discover a new world of photography at new heights. For others, it will be to enter a new area of ​​audio and visual arts.

Soon, Ivan Kristoff will introduce you to the real Spider-mans in a series of upcoming events. One of them is during the showcasing of the new Spider-man IV film “The Amazing Spiderman”. This movie was filmed on 3D and IMAX, it has a more serious theme and it is targeted towards a larger age of audience. As the Canadian and international media calls Ivan the Canadian Spiderman, we can show you the real Spiderman in action.

The Canadian Spiderman has the unique experience with the mayor of Toronto, Canada, for a Charity Golf Tournament. There the Spider-man outfit was supposed to be purchased from Sony Pictures and licensed for Special Events by Marvel Enterprises Inc., as recognition for his contribution to the world of rescue.

Helicopter Drawing