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56th Anniversary of 24th Helicopter Air Base

About This Project


We are Cougars – A new perception of the Bulgarian Air Forces

 “My understanding of the concept for BAF (Bulgarian Air Forces) is B.A.F. (Being Always First). This is the path I believe that should be taken for the 100th Anniversary of the Bulgarian aviation.

Built on the proud history and traditions of the Bulgarian aviation, I can elevate the reputation of our Air Forces to new heights and promote our achievements beyond the boundaries of our homeland. I have done it in the past, and put my life on the line to do it again.

My idea is to make a film and write a book that reflects on the 100th Anniversary of the Bulgarian aviation and the posibility to open a new chapter in the history of aviation in the near future. The idea was supported by pilots, academic staff and filmmakers from the new Bulgarian University, the Bulgarian Institute for Space Science and other partners.

I am working on my idea to produce 100 pieces of Limited Edition Swiss Made watches with the 100th Anniversary logo engraved on the dial. They will be a gift of pilots and air rescue workers from the Bulgarian Air Forces. This is my personal gift to them. This short film will be presented:

■ The International Festival for short films in Balchik;

■ Art Cinema Festival of NBU

■ Heli-Expo 2018-the biggest exhibition in the world for helicopters
■ Dubai HeliShow 2017-the biggest exhibition in the Middle East for helicopters and medical air rescue
■ Military and Homeland Security Exhibition 2018
■ Air Medical and Rescue Show
■ International conferences on air rescue
■ Presentations for innovative air video surveillance on rescue operations
■ International special events and television programs
■ Web TV and media channels
These series of documentary films, photo sessions , and the presentation will be provided free of charge to the Ministry of Deference, Bulgarian army and Air Forces.”, says Ivan Kristoff.

About the filming crew
Aerial Rescue Television = A. R. T. Vision

About the records
Vertical Quest – New World Records

Achieve New Heights in Cinematography
This year Ivan Kristoff and his camera crew, will produce a few series of documentaries for the history and achievements of the Bulgarian civil, commercial, police and military aviation. With a few  friends, photographers, video operators, graphic designers and avio spotters, Ivan plans to do a new format of web TV production.

Limited Edition Swiss Made watches