Vertical Quest – New World Records

In 1997, the Canadian aviator-rescuer Ivan Kristoff became the first man in the history of aviation to set a world record for the longest rappelling and ascending on a rope, supported by a flying helicopter, and still is to this day. He did it, in order to support the cause of his friends for the Emergency Services in Toronto. Metropolitan Toronto Police PC Sandy Lupo, the Event Coordinator  of the  Organizing Committee of the 1st Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day, invited Ivan Kristoff to join them.  The event took place at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) and Ivan organized and sponsored four hour of air flight to promote it. Due to the fact that his aerial demonstration of rappelling and ascending (from a helicopter) on a rope had to be over 2000 ft., but  for a very short time, Ivan came with the idea for the Extreme Rope Access Vertical Quest and Optimal Performance projects.

Since there Kristoff committed himself to improve training programs for rope access emergency services providers and Highrise Emergency Aerial Response teams (H.E.A.R.T.). As time goes by, he succeeded in becoming a world renowned rope access expert in vertical and aerial operations. After his top achievements in the vertical access industry and professional career, just after he became the first man to work on the inaccessible places of the tallest concrete tower in the world in year 2003, he devoted his time to his philanthropic ideas . One of them is to create the S.O.S. team. This not for profit organization initiated new trends in the vertical and aerial world of rescue.

Ivan has dedicated all his free time to finding more efficient ways to conduct rope rescue at extreme heights and conditions. His dream to create a specialized training program for rope access technicians who work on super highrise buildings.

Currently, Ivan is working on his initiatives for Interactive Rope Rescue Education and Safety Awareness and creating The Institute for Vertical and Aerial operatioNs (I.V.A.N.)

world recordLeap of Faith: Ivan Kristoff, founder of the first volunteer Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (HEART) in Canada, plans a series of world-records for solo descending and ascending on a long distance rope from a flying helicopter.

This year, the paragliding pilot and rope access technician plans to conduct the first of a series of practice vertical operations. He will demonstrate new concepts in IT communications and technical procedures in extreme situations and harsh environment. Ivan will assess his vertical operations before applying them in real rescues situations.

To prepare for his project, Ivan plans to make a series of demonstrations around the world by breaking his own world record. These “training programs” will test Ivan in different weather conditions, physics forces and physical fitness endurance during real aerial rescue missions in urban environment. He faces a multitude of dangers.  The safety issues and dangers that exist within a project of this caliber are critical. With this in mind, Ivan puts safety ahead of all other considerations.

Call it extreme research, extreme training, extreme everything. Ivan is planning to start his endeavor this fall. “Living on the edge is what I do for a living. I live to be challenged.” says Ivan.

In a quest like this, technology is the key to the success of the mission. Ivan will leverage IT communications and the latest achievements in Nikon’s digital photography and video equipment, quality lenses and field image systems.

This project will document visuals, permanent records, audio protocols and technical data for the execution of various rope access acrobatics, helicopter anchor point attachments and human loading suspended from different twin-engine military, police and civilian helicopters. To prepare, Ivan is being assisted by his team called HEART (Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team), which is composed of highly-trained professionals including engineers, doctors, paramedics, helicopter pilots, IT and mobile computing experts.

The mission is dedicated not only to setting a record, but also to helping rope access equipment research, safety training and public awareness of innovative concepts for urban rescue.

Soaring at extreme heights, some of the skyscrapers in Dubai are officially certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest structures. The Canadian Spiderman can add a few more world records for the Guinness Book of World
“I became a fan of one of the iconic buildings in Dubai and their location. Some people see buildings as an attractive pieces of architecture. I see them as pivoting and referral points for showcasing Downtown Dubai, at the heart of the city. That is why I can create a series of special events and initiate my “Series of World Records” project. The main objective of this initiative is to showcase how I can increase the brand and location awareness of the Dubai buildings around the world and create positive altitude and pleasurable experience associated with Dubai’s top hotels.

The feature story of the electronic version of “EXTREME World Records” magazine visually presents what I would do for example, if I had to promote one of the hotels in the United Arab Emirates. This is why I captured some pictures and did some location scouting for the best places from where I can create a short film about this project”, says Ivan Kristoff, dubbed as the Spiderman for his expertise in mid-air and high rise rope rescue.

Ivan’ professional achievements and experience on top of the tallest structures in the world is his guarantee for the success of this initiative. He has met with the managers of the most popular hotels in the city and both shared the enthusiasm to make iconic images and presentation of the GREATEST HOTELS OF THE WORLD.

Testing GSM and WIMAX reception near the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa and  the longest (horizontally) hotel – Meydan Hotel
During the Dubai Helishow 2012, Ivan Kristoff,  conducted a test in the air, on the wireless Live Video broadcast capabilities  at the heart of Dubai.

With a Bell helicopter, he checked the speed of data transfer for a 3G and 4G aerial video/photo monitoring. Kristoff explained to His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, the UAE Minister of Economy the UAE, to do his series of world records, where he breaks his own world record for solo descending and ascending from a helicopter rope, in the United Arab Emirates. Such a project requires Live video broadcast.

Two new categories for  “The Guinness Book of World Records” with the Air Force Tactical Unit

Dedicated to the officers of the Bulgarian Aviation Tactical Unit, who have placed themselves in harm’s way in the service of safety.
May 16, 2002.

Ivan Kristoff and Lt. Col. Anton Hristozov, head of a unit with the tactical aviation corps of the Bulgarian Air Force, staged a demonstration over the Madara rocks on Tuesday to earn an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

The demonstration started at a large clearing under the Horseman of Madara monument and continued for 13 minutes. The two men climbed down a 50-metre rope hanging from an MI-17 military helicopter. Hristozov remained on the ground to supervise Kristoff who climbed back up the rope and performed aerial acrobatics.

Climbing down and up a rope hanging from a helicopter are two new categories in the Guinness Book of World Records. The two Bulgarians dedicated the demonstration to the Bulgarian Army and the Horseman of Madara.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the members and pilots of the Bulgarian Tactical Aviation and the organizers of the event for the success of this unique aerial operation. I was proud to wear the uniform of General-Maior Dimitar Cvetkov, Deputy Chief of Staff VVS. Test-pilot, with over 2500 flying hours.”
I. K.

President of Bulgaria congratulates Ivan Kristof for his bravery

The team of 24th Helicopter Aviation Base:

  • Lt. Col. Evgeny Belkinov I class pilot, Dep. Commander
  • Maj. Marko Todorov I class pilot, Inspector Combat Preparation
  • Maj. Kostadin Ganev Boarding Eng., Commander of Technical Crew
  • Lt. Col. Anton Hristozov Commander of Search and Rescue Unit, Tactical Aviation
  • Capt. Krasimir Andreev Dep. Commander na Air Search and Rescue. Skydiver I class.
  • Sgt. Ivan Ivanov – SAR technician, skydiver I class

The trainers:
Phillip has specialized in strength training, conditioning, nutrition, endurance & hypertrophy protocols. He has started training long time ago only to perfect himself and his skills. The knowledge he get is based on his own experience, researches and work with people. He has Personal Trainer degree from the National Sport Academy and he is authorized to work in any sport facilities. His key to success is progression.