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CTVAnchor: Lloyd Robertson, Reporter: Jennifer Fraser, Comments: Prof. Myer Brody (U of T)
Monday, June 7, 1999, Broadcast Time: 11:02 p.m.; 11:08 p.m.; 11:17 p.m.
Location: 8 Lee Dr. / 300 f. off the ground, Segment: “Working”, Length: 2:15 min.

Lloyd Robertson:
And reaching a new carrier height… A CTV report on “Working” coming up on News.

For some people their job can make them feel like the end of a rope. That’s where Ivan Kristoff finds himself and he just loves it. While some falcons care about their young hundreds of feet above the Earth, an Ontario man is making his living there. Ivan Kristoff is literally climbing the corporate ladder. He scales high-rises doing repairs in places that would terrify most of us, but for Kristoff it is just his job. CTV’s Jennifer Fraser has more in tonight’s report on “Working”

Jennifer Fraser: While most Canadians spend their working hours on in site looking out, Ivan Kristoff prefers being on the outside looking out.

Ivan Kristoff: Leaving on the edge is what I do for a leaving, but basically I do the things that not everybody can do.

Jennifer Fraser: Kristoff is a professional climber, so when it came to starting a business, he did what came naturally. With over 1200 high-rises in Ontario, Kristoff found a combination of services no one else offers. More and more Canadians are designing their own jobs based on their personal skills, but they are doing it differently than the typical entrepreneurs. Kristoff represents a new type of self employed Canadian. Unlike classic entrepreneurs, creativity and courage is more important than start up capital.

Mayer Brody: It’s much more than a market niche. To some extend they are actually creating a market that did not exist.

Jennifer Fraser: …And like thousands of Canadians that are creating an employment for themselves employment that’s driving the economy.

Ivan Kristoff: I prefer to work smarter than harder. So, that’s the way to go for me…

Jennifer Fraser: So, whether he is climbing up or rappelling the corporate ladder, Ivan Kristoff plans to continue doing what he does best. As far as plans to expend, they remain up in the air…