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Sea352xRecord: – 147 m for Rosen Zhelyazkov in the Black Sea

We would like to introduce you to our friend Rosen Zhelyazkov for his achievement.

On August 4, at 13.39 minutes, despite the exceptionally strong underwater current, diver Rosen Zhelyazkov reached 147 meters within the 10-minute downhill course at the bottom of the Black Sea. The diving was carried out with two boats, 32 miles (60 km) east of Sozopol from a team consisting of: Rosen Zhelyazkov – planning and carrying out the descent; Mihail Zaimov – head of the providing team, video operator in the area up to 60 meters and captain of the second boat; Stoyan Stoyanov – providing a diver up to 65 meters; Yavor Paunov, Ilian Dobrev and Lyuben Dilov-son – providing divers in the area up to 40 meters; Matthew Mateev – expedition captain and pilot of the first boat; Emil Shumanov – accompanying physician.

Atmospheric conditions were: weak wind east-northeast; 30 degrees air temperature; 28 degrees – surface water temperature; 7 degrees – bottom temperature. Visibility 10-12 meters. Very strong underwater current, rising with approach to the bottom. The record for Black Sea diving is carried out in an autonomous way, known as TECHNICAL DIVING, using bottom and decompression gases

During the entire descent, Rossen Zhelyazkov brings with him the following gas mixture bottles designed for different depths: – bottom gas up to 150 meters with breathable breathing compound – 8% – O2 (oxygen) and 77% He (helium); – Travel and time: up to 90 meters – 12% O2 – 68% No, up to 57 meters – 20% O2 and 36% No, up to 36 meters – 34% O2 and 29% No; – Decompression gas for depths up to 21 meters – 50% Nitrox; – decompression gas up to 6 m depth in 11-liter bottles with 100% O2 breathable breathing compound composition.

ГмурканеThe Underwater Exploration teammates of the International Vertical Access Network I.V.A.N. provide a multidisciplinary training for rope access at extreme heights and depths. We implement the most advanced technology and equipment for underwater operations:

  • Testing and inspection
  • Safety surveys
  • Photographic and video structural surveys

Team members are encouraged to train in harsh and versatile  environment in order to be prepared to work efficiently extreme conditions and crisis situations. We have a strong bond with the under water sports, because work at high level of risks and rapid access aerial/ vertical operations require the learning of proper breathing and relaxation techniques.  Thorough a new method for training helicopter operations over water, our team of expert can train emergency responders in scuba diving, rescue diving and emergency first response.

For near 10 years, we have helped to promote some of the world’s leading scuba diving equipment manufacturers and their local exclusive dealers. From public and media appearances, presentations at the Dubai Helishow,  to showcasing new solutions for Water SAR and Sea-Air-Land rope rescue training.

Water Rescue by AirSearch and Rescue over the Black Sea
During the SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BLACK SEA, Ivan Kristoff  presented innovative technologies and methods for search and rescue by air and water.  Thorough a new method for training helicopter operations over water, our team of expert can train emergency responders in scuba diving, rescue diving and emergency first response.

ScubaDivingIvanKristoffPhoto: Ivan Kristoff during a Scuba Diving Training Course in Mexico

Ivan Kristoff , the official FORTIS Brand Ambassador and pioneer of extreme rope access now wants to go deep in the highest mountain lake in Bulgaria.

From exploring the undiscovered caving routes and galleries in the underground, at the age of 15 years, to setting a vertical world record in 2003 – Ivan experienced many different challenges throughout his entire life.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is 50% Bulgarian, 50% Canadian, but 100% fan of the extreme sports. He is a boundary breaker, a trend setter, an explorer, an innovator and a volunteer rescuer.

In the beginning of the New Millennium, at the pinnacle of his professional interest in remote access , he achieved many World’s Firsts. One of them is the Highest Rope Access on the Antenna Mast of the Tallest Structure (2003) in the World – the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. For the very first time the exterior work and repair of the top of the Tower, for which no one, since it was built, had a solution has been done by Ivan.

But the Tonto’s own Spiderman, as the Canadian newspaper “Toronto Syn” called him first in 1995, knows: “With great power comes great responsibility”. That is why Ivan will go deep now to the Seven Rila Lakes and explore new ventures for free diving under ice. the motto of the projects is: ICE: Involve | Create | Explore.

In all his initiatives FORTIS is the proud companion for timekeeping his operations on the one side. On the other Ivan shares the watch new releases with the FORTIS network of free divers and scuba divers.


Полет над България с топло-въздушни балониПоследната въздущна линейка България е продаден в чужбинаFor this project Ivan Kristoff had a location scouting with Augusta Westland helicopter around the hunt Rilski ezera and the Seven Rila Lakes.Fortis was the Official Timekeeper of this project and Ivan Kristoff Collection  of Fortis Swiss Watches was given to the hot air balloon pilots and pilots, to test the watch in Sea-Air -Land training later in a cross training between the Bulgarian Air Forces and the Bulgarian Navy aviation. That was the first Flight with AGUSTA A109K2 Air Medical helicopter over Lake The Eye, Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria.

“ Fortis was founded in the same year like the Bulgarian aviation and Fortis has left a significant footprint in the history of aviation and space exploration. Together we can open a new chapter. The over hundred years of history of the brand Fortis and me means a lot to me and shapes my path for a new way of marketing my innovative projects with epic images.” says Ivan Kristoff.

But for the Bulgarian and Canadian Kristoff, pioneering wasn’t always about setting new records and World’s Firsts. In 2005 Ivan decided that he can do more about rope access work and volunteer rescue for the High rise Emergency Aerial Response and Team (H.E.A.R.T.). He expanded his volunteer initiatives worldwide. He founded the very first volunteer aerial rescue organization, the Specialized Operations Service (S.O.S.) team in Bulgaria. During his sea, air, land and space training FORTIS watches have always been a part of it. In the process, Ivan Kristoff helps other volunteers and professional  to have the Fortis Experience with Ivan’s new collection of watches. One of them is with young student in London, Simeon (Mony) Penev with whom Ivan is forging partnership to form a new specialized training for volunteer water rescuers.

Fortis Flieger Pro Chronograph

Fortis has forged relationships with some of the greatest swimming talents, like Romano Mombelli.  Ivan Kristoff has spoken with some of the sport’s most exciting sportsmen and Olympic champions to join the team. Ivan Kristoff wants to film new TV Series for volunteer rescuer that will be  dedicated to the new descent in 2018to the deepest point of the highest altitude ice free diving. An upcoming film, which was made upon Ivan Kristoff;s idea to make the event “Flaying over the Rila Lakes” and about the project will be released next year. The film will explore Ivan Kristoff’s descent and some of the scientific successes of the voyage. Kristoff himself would have never done the dive if there was not some scientific outcome possible. On the dial of the new watch that he wants to design will be with the Bulgarian national flag’s primary colors white, green and red. The “#ForBulgaria” label represents the teamwork of Kristoff’s support team

Fortis to the rescue

World of Fortis

Training for water rescue is a test of will and wit in which crucial decisions are made with split-second precision. Preparation is rigorous, teamwork is paramount, and concentration is critical Fortis has forged a privileged relationship with Ivan Kristoff as well as exciting pilots and athletes, sharing the values inherent in every rescuer. The Underwater Exploration teammates of the International Vertical Access Network I.V.A.N. will be safe by the technical support and on-stand-by water rescue team of the Specialized Operation Services (S.O.S.) volunteer rescue team.


Експерти обучават журналисти и доброволци за действие в екстремни ситуации

Екстремно под водата

Extreme in the air and under water, Scuba diving at extreme depths