With partners, Ivan Kristoff will introduce an innovative concept for the high altitude rope and air rescue, helicopter operations and aviation safety. He is a trendsetter, aviator, volunteer rescuer, and rope access expert in vertical and aerial operations. He has developed various solutions to improve the safety of vertical and aerial rope maneuvers. His work in vertical and remote access in extreme conditions and heights has contributed to the development and improvement of safety standards. His concept can open a new page in the history of aviation, helicopter safety and aerial rescue. In the M.A.R.S. project (conducting high altitude aerial rescue) for the very first time, he will present the Ultimate Aerial Rescue.
Are your ready for Mid Air Rescue
We participate in events that have the tradition to present innovative ideas to the constantly increasing high rise building development in the world’s safety, security and fire protection industry. We present with the world’s top experts who have the same goal – to share their experience and vision of what will make helicopter operations safer and more efficient. By attending our presentations you will become aware of rope access scenarios that happen at the height of over 500 meters off the ground. You will learn how many times you have to multiply the expected time to complete a regular job up there in the air, how violence can be the winds at that height, etc…

E.X.T.R.E.M.E.” TV Series

Модели: Николета Николова и Иван Кристоф Фотографи Лазар Гушев, Иван Йотов и Христо ХристовSoon, Ivan Kristoff will present the ultimate challenge for the world of rope access and air rescue: M.A.R.S. He started filming the development of this concept and how emergency responders will train to achieve their goal. Phase 1:  filming 16 episodes of extreme and trailblazing training. Each episode will include 5 minute segments called “Extreme with friends”. The first episode will be an introduction to the series. The next episodes will be divided into three categories:  Sea – Air – Land.

At the VR FORUM we plan to interview pilots  for the Mid Air Rope access reSponse (M.A.R.S.). Some of the concepts for this project were presented in the near 12 minute Prime Time News on New7 TV. The preferred time and date when you can see  our presentation  will be announced in the first episode of   Ivan Kristoff’s pilot project ” Extreme with friends” TV series.

The “Vertical Rescue” Forum

Международния ден на доброволеца, Ви каня на интересно пътешествие и полети над швейцарските Алпи, където ще се видим с международни партньори, доброволци спасители и приятели. Тук са описани няколко от инициативите, които съм създал и инвестициите в тях. Който желае да се включи, да ми пише на личния или да ми звънне за повече подробности.In the Vertical Rescue web site, the Canadian Spiderman will showcase his “Introduction of Inspiring Innovation” for the world of helicopter operations. His name is embedded in the word InnoVAtioN. Come to his  presentation at the Intersec Fire Conference and see what that means. Following Ivan’s successful presence at the Dubai HeliShow 2010, he will present the concept of “Creating a Highrise Emergency Aerial Rescue Team” at the Forum 1.

E.X.T.R.E.M.E. Magazine

Altitude with AttitudeIvan Kristoff has created CLUB EXTREME ( E.X.T.R.E.M.E. – studEnt’s eXtreme Team for Rescue, aErial and Maritime Emergеncy) – a new way to participate in extreme rope access and motor sports. He sponsors and supports the initiatives of young and prominent students, who dare to enter the vertical world. The Club develops specialized training for aerial and vertical operations, work at extreme heights and sports.

ROPE ACCESS PHOTOGRAPHY: Altitude with Attitude

Rope Acceess Alttitude With AttitudeThis collection of photos and essay represent the scope of work in the artistic and professional endeavor of Ivan Kristoff in the period of year 2002-2005. As Prof. Pascal Michelucci of the University of Toronto wrote that Ivan’s amazing photographic work has found a great historic venue where it will be showcased in the national capital of his own native country. In his letter address for the opening of Ivan’s exhibition in the Bulgarian

Aerial stunts for the music

Robinson 22Music is the best way to promote a message. That is why Ivan Kristoff experimented with young and talented musicians Kristo and Svetlio Kuslev to produce the rap hit “Fire off“. Through it Ivan showcased the light features of his client a Swiss Made Watch manufacturer. The helicopter stunts were performed by Spider-Man Ivan Kristoff. They were the pinnacle element in the subject line of the video. It is entirely captured at “Riu Pravets Resort” on the lake in the town of Pravec.


Brand Enhancement through the music

Music, sports and art associated with the source of energy that stimulates us to be active. This combination brought together Ivan and Kiril Milchev who aim to attract younger audiences, show them by inspiring and motivating ways how to use energy in a positive and useful direction.

“Mentors and Apprentices” Program

Niko KalaydjievThis Arts Initiative brings experienced pilots, rope access technicians, artists, musicians and aerial photographers with highly promising young artists to collaborate a one-to-one mentoring relationship. The program will start in 2019 and we hope to initiate enriching dialogue between artists of different generations, and cultures, fulfilling its aim to make a significant contribution to the visual presentation of the helicopter industry. This project is initiated by Ivan Kristoff.

Limited Edition Art

Face THe NEwThis project is the result of such necessary quest for perfection that threatens never to be completed. A concept for an air stunt that costs over million dollars, will be presented by Ivan Kristoff.

According to Leonardo Da Vinci, art and science should go hand in hand. Ivan Kristoff possesses an extreme passion for technology and he is not a man who lives only on his laurels. He is a man who gathers together a team of jet and helicopter pilots to do something so serious that it will become a new hit in the  aviation. He lives with this idea day and night. In 2012, despite the growing crisis in the helicopter and military industry, he officially presented the M.A.R.S. concept at the Helishow in Dubai; it was time for something new.

The idea is so ambitious that it will test his reputation and the future of his projects and carrier. Ivan began to plan the new presentation of  visual concepts for a new type of rescue in the air.

“Ideas alone can be works of art; they are in a chain of development that may eventually find some form. All ideas need not be made physical”
Sol LeWitt

The main core of this idea is to explore new ways in communicating ideas of Conceptual and Abstract Art, that transcends into the Land Art, watch it grow as Performance Art, to pass by Neo-Expressionism stage, emerge through the Hyper realism and Photo realism and exploit the New Media Art before it forms a shape and becomes reality. As the Samurai, who perfects his skills with the sword and control of the mind, by training in calligraphy, poetry and other forms of art, Ivan has taken the initiative to write his own stories by becoming a freelance editor and photographer for BBC Top Gear Magazine.

For this project, Ivan taught several younger artists how to work and hang on ropes, on the top of high rocks, a few hundred feet off the ground.  For him, to create a modern vision of conceptual ideas is to combine art with technology. That is the artistic challenge that Ivan takes and incorporates a partnership with the world’s leaders in IT communications, mobile computing, advanced photography and visual technology.

“My strong side is to see behind the corners and predict the future in my field of work. What I am  looking for as a result of a partnership with the world’s top minds and technological leaders, is to showcase in a documentary film and my book how we can shape a new trend in the aviation through Art and Technology .

For years I had to build a team of reliable and experienced people. Now what is left to count is on an abstract and creative thinking.”
Ivan Kristoff

This is his philosophy, the fruit of his long-standing admiration for Leonardo Da Vinci. “In an article about Leonardo I met his assertion that art and science should go hand in hand. When I read this, I thought I saw an open window. It is like I saw the direction in which I must go and I wanted to follow.“, says Ivan. He instructs his team and friends to design and visualize the new concept of saving lives. Many of them are processed many times untill Ivan is pleased with the results. According to him the idea should sound as advanced, but it should be functional and pragmatic.

His Highness Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumSon of a diplomat who has spent much of his career in Libya, Ivan has dreamed to work in the Arab world since his childhood. He introduced part of his concept to the Princes of Dubai,HH. Sheikh Majid, H Shaikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, H.H. Shaikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, H.E. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, the UAE Minister of Economy and discussed the possibility to do a one-of-a-kind aerial demonstration in the UAE.

Meeting the Prince of Dubai

Through this concept, any government institution, Air Forces, airline or helicopter company that participates in the MARS project, will recoup their investment many times throughout the improvement and novelty in aviation. Whoever is the first to strike up and implement this initiative in reality will make the World’s First and see the benefits of national pride, brand enhancement and increased air traffic to their local destinations.

Art for the M.A.R.S. Project

Burj KhalifaThrough Conceptual art, sometimes simply called Conceptualism, Ivan Kristoff’s concept for Mid Air Rope Assess can be presented at the Innovation Forum. Through Conceptual Photography, he will showcase his idea to pilots and emergency services personnel, who are invited to this project, and develop the methodology of a new way of vertical and aerial rescue. This the work will take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns. As many works of conceptual art, sometimes called installations, this idea will be presented to our Creative Team of artists and technology partners, who can visualize the M.A.R.S. concept to the public.

Photo exhibition “Driven by Heights”

Spiderman 4 artsThis exhibition is not just portraying the visible world of vertical access and helicopter rappelling operations at extreme heights. Rather, it depicts the hidden areas of extremely tall buildings, not accessible for the general public. Some of the designated areas for remote photography, where few of the  photos were taken, are accessible only by a few men and the best professional rope access experts. Ivan Kristoff  a Canadian artist, presented his unique images of his work at extreme heights. These photos captured the element of danger of a series of innovative projects in Canada, USA and Bulgaria. Some of them show the first rope access work in the inaccessible areas of the tallest building ins the world. They give us a “bird’s eye view” of these operations. This perspective, gives the observer a unique view from an angle that captures a stunning picture of the vertical environment.
For the first time, Ivan brought together this collection of aerial and remote access photography. This exhibition will showcase some of his achievements with Air Force Tactical Aviation Corps, Air Police and the Faculty of Fire Protection Engineering & Emergency Control. This exhibition will demonstrate the technical accomplishments of men who have dedicated their lifes to achieve new heights in public safety and emergency response. These brave men have created new frontiers in the vertical world.  Some of them have created new categories for “The Guinness Book of World Records” as part of their constant search for exploring new dimensions in emergency response and rescue.

Ivan Kristoff’s Arts Award

Rope-Access-Visual-Arts-AwardОт Дубай Хелишоy в 2010 Иван Кристоф е почитал изключителни и смели хора, които поемат големи предизвикателства. Всяка награда за изкуство на Иван Кристоф е дадена за подпомагане на визуализирането на нови проекти за индустрията на хеликоптерите, които могат да спасят живота. Тези проекти ще бъдат разработени като работни групи от експерти в авиационната индустрия, авиационни медицински / аварийни служби и комуникации, които могат да работят за подобряване на процедурите за безопасност и практики за въздушни операции. Още по темата…

Highrise Emergency & Aerial Response Team

Ivan Kristoff solves problems in the  vertical and aerial environment on super high-rise buildings and initiates innovative concepts like Mid Air Rope Access (M.A.R.S.) One of his companies completed the very first rope access on the exterior top of the tallest tower in the world in 2003. He also created the Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.).

Extreme Aerial Rescue
Extreme Vertical Rescue
Ivan Kristoff

M.A.R.S. е пионерски проект за аерокосмическата безопасност и височинно въжената индустрия. Проектът беше иницииран от Иван Кристоф след завършването на първата работа с въжета на Антена Мачтата на CN Tower (553 м.), най-високата структура в света през 2003 година. За тази задача Иван трябваше да създаде иновативен високопланински авариен спасителен план и пренапише правилата за конвенционално спасяване на въздуха от супер високи сгради. Планът включва въздушно извличане на екипа на Иван от върха на наблюдателната обсерватория Skypod и вертикалната стена на 100-метровата мачта на антената. Приблизителната височина за тази задача е била на 500 метра.

Extreme Training
Extreme Vertical Rescue
Extreme Aerial Rescue
По време на Дубай Хелишоу 2012 Иван Кристоф представи М.А.Р.С. безжична видео конференция и обяви концепция, която може да отвори нова глава в авиацията, безопасността на хеликоптери и авиацията. На най-голямото шоу с хеликоптери в Близкия изток Иван представя за пръв път в света концепцията за Ultimate Aerial Rescue. Освен това концепцията е оформена в термина M.A.R.S., който се фокусира върху три отделни, но свързани теми:

M.A.R.S. – Mid Air Recovery System
M.A.R.S.Maritime Air ResponS
M.A.R.S. Mid Air Rope accesS

Ivan Kristoff will present the development of his concept for the Ultimate Rescue – M.A.R.S. He is a speaker on the Aerial Emergency rope access Training and Usage of the most modern GPS and mobile communication technology for real time monitoring presentations.

Extreme Marketing

Welcome to our vertical world, where verticality has no limits, there are no boundaries of human endurance, there is no self preservation, but at the high altitude – only the right attitude will save you.

Our 18sq.m Shell Scheme booth at our upcoming event will be located at the heart of our next event.

We have 15 panels, each is 240 x 95 cm, on which you can advertise your brand, products and services. We have always been visited y the Official Government of UAE dignitaries and members of the Royal Family of Dubai during Dubai Helishow.

Partners can upload their event logo on the event website and Carrier bags. The event is covered by Local and International media.

Extreme Rope Access


I  keep the tradition to present innovative ideas to the constantly increasing high rise building development and the world’s helicopter industry.  Now with my partners, we will write a new page in the development of air rescue operations on super high-rise buildings. Before I did the very first rope access work and emergency response on the exterior of the inaccessible places of the tallest tower in the world, I practiced rappelling with a longer rope than the whole length of the CN Tower. For this job, I had three Contingency plans for aerial extraction of my personnel.”, says Kristoff, known as the Canadian Spiderman.

Rope Access
Extreme Photography

For the presentation “Vertical Reference Long-Line External Cargo Ground Training course”, Ivan Kristoff will provide a course segment on Class D Human External Cargo Vertical rescue. He will bring us current with the Human External Cargo rules and regulations as well as equipment and mission. For the presentation “M.A.R.S. Presentation”, Ivan Kristoff will  explain what is extreme rope access to super high-rise buildings, above 200 meters, what is the difference between conventional and industrial rope access,  how the technicians must be prepared for extreme and harsh working conditions. It will cover the experience of the very first suspended access at heights above 500 meters and possible worst case scenarios, their prevention and the fundamentals of specialized equipment.


تقام النسخة الخامسة من معرض دبي لطائرات الهليكوبتر 2012 في الفترة 6-8 نوفمبر 2012 تحت رعاية صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم نائب رئيس الدولة رئيس مجلس الوزراء حاكم دبي، وبدعم من دائرة الطيران المدني بدبي، وذلك في مكانه الجديد، المنصة الكبرى، فندق الميدان، مضمار الميدان للسباق، دبي. وسيستضيف معرض دبي لطائرات الهليكوبتر، المعرض الدولي لعمليات التشغيل وتقنيات المروحيات العسكرية والمدنية والذي ينعقد كل سنتين، ويضم كبار العارضين العالميين في قطاع المروحيات، ضمن الفئات والقطاعات التي يغطيها المعرض وهي قطاع الأمن الوطني والعسكري والدفاع المدني إضافة إلى قطاع البحث والإنقاذ الجوي.
Achieve New Heights in Search and Rescue Training
M.A.R.S. – Maritime Air ResponSe
Ivan Kristoff
Mountain Air Rescue Service
Mountain Air Rescue Service
M.A.R.S. – Mid Air Rope accesS
The Innovative Agency

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