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Bridging the rescue culture through digital audiovisual transformation with 5G and NextGen technology

Mi 24Our focus is installing advanced NextGen networks for digital transfer of Sea-Air-Land hybrid monitoring via 5G and satellite technology at the Head Office of the SOS non-profit organization. With the best 5G ready private wireless network that accelerates connectivity and efficiency of our training and SAR operations, we will be able to remotely provide even air medical assistance in real time video conference on hard to reach places and aboa​rd of the helicopters and other aircraft.

In 2020, we are building a Creative Innovation Lab with a Roof Top Indoor Mission Control Center and Outdoor TV Studio that will feature New Amazing Web TV Series is for vertical and aerial rope access and rescue operations and initiatives. Over the years, we studied and paid attention to the very different approaches to dealing with diverse cultures about life saving priorities and made public discussions for the Future of rescue and the programming of  AI technology to deal with this issue. One of our latest involvement on the topic was during the Dubai World AI Show took place at the Address Hotel near Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world.   This is why we have decided to build a Creative ILab to involve the New Generation of Europeans with a more uniformed perception of  the exciting digital showcase of the world of rescue:

  • Problem solving approach: Addressing challenges for the cultural and creative sectors. Participants and communities will involve youngsters as
    co-creators of the new problem-solving results.
  • The user experience will be of paramount importance in scoping the problem. Trough new technology we can reach out to wider and younger audiences through more personalized and interactive experiences. Discoverability, curation, promotion, awareness raising activities will be developed by the avant-garde approach to bridge content and audiences.
  • A multi disciplinary Tech-neutral, Technology will be addressing the key problems and will let   the participants choose the technology which is best suited to address a particular problem.
  • Innovation focus: The Creative ILab will support innovation as regards the creation, distribution and promotion of creative content, addressing cross-sectoral collaboration as well as the use of enabling technologies.
  • Experimentation: The Lab will provide a safe space for experimentation, including recognition of the risk of failure. Innovation is inherently unpredictable and therefore it will be possible to adjust the activities in the lifetime of the project (flexibility built-in);
  • New Collaboration models: the project will help bring together established players from among different creative industries, with emerging ones, including creative and tech start-ups and provide them with a space where they can exchange, share and co-create;
  • Possible themes: Education: cultural and creative operators need to learn more about the possibilities offered by cross-sectoral collaboration and technology;
  • Results driven: The value of the results of supported actions will be assessed according to economic, social and/or cultural criteria. 


Building a digital friendly ecosystem for culture and creativity


W will go out of the comfort zone, reach out to new creative digital/tech players and test out new ideas. We will develop an ecosystem favorable to greater collaboration and innovation between all different stakeholders.

  • Information: more information will be made available to the cultural and creative sectors about all EU programs relevant to the creative industries
  • Networking: Through our International Vertical Access Network, companies, organizations and creatives will meet and explore possible areas of cooperation. For this we will establish a new platform and portal to facilitate information exchange, networking and dissemination via new media channels will be explored.
  • Dissemination: Success stories of innovation and collaboration will be showcased to share the results, promotes take –up of new forms of content and business models and inspire new projects.
  • Training: Lack of knowledge of how the new technologies function is a barrier to innovation. New  interesting training platforms for interaction between the CCS and the tech community will be addressed.


 Focus on Innovation

A Creative Innovation Lab will support innovation and creative content, addressing cross-sectoral collaboration and the use of enabling technologies. 

Хибридно клетъчно / сателитно GPS проследяване


When the Metropolitan Toronto Police invited Ivan Kristoff to be part of the Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day, he commemorate them with setting a New Series of World Record and now he will do it for Europe.


Innovative Mid Air Rope access with High Reference on super high-rise buildings will be one of our highlights. We already introduced to Sheikh Mansour Al Maktoum, the Prince of Dubai, what can be new for the world of vertical operations.


Over a two decade ago, Ivan Kristoff, aka, the Canadian Spiderman, started the experimental extreme long line rope access work with a twin engine helicopter over the skyline of Toronto, above the Tallest structure in the world at that time.


For digital transformation, e-monitoring and e-mobility

дигитална мобилност
Circle YouTube Globe

Problem solving approach.

Addressing challenges for the
cultural and creative sectors


Innovation in Aviation

We have three solutions to improve security in real time in the aviation industry: aerial video surveillance from the cabin, remote control at cabin access and the field information that is recorded on the Black Box to be duplicate in the Cloud. Now when the whole world is focus on innovation in space, there is hard to think of innovation in the air, expect the space communication and space services that still have niche markets.

 Innovation in AI

Our focus for AI aims to gather information, data and emerging startups from around the world – to discuss the impact of AI on applications and the revolutionary ways it can transform businesses and government functions. We work on the key factors that in the future AI is considering the moral factors of the human patterns for decision making when a machine must make live saving choices in areas that are vital for the human moral and well being.

Innovation in A.I.R.

An A.I.R. concept developed over the last 10 years and discussed with the President of Bulgaria and some of the top experts in the world. It and the specialized equipment, training and methodology will enable to conduct the ultimate A.I.R. challenge. We believe that the future is Rescue without Rescuers, especially in harsh environment or critically dangerous situations and hostile situations. A.I.R. is the Next Digital Generation.

Innovation in Rescue

Rescue One is a new concept for self sufficient rescuer with specialized access to authentic data with simplified procedures for ER at high altitude, extreme rescue and conditions. It has unique Modus Operandi, developed in preparation for the constantly challenging world of extreme sports and harsh environment that rescuer can be exposed during specialized operations. This model can be modified for a rescue team.

За цифрово преобразуване, наблюдение и е-мобилност


D-True Innovation