CFTO TV, World Beat News with Ivan Kristoff

CFTO TV News Beat Today -Live
22 August, 1997
Location: Ontario Place
Anchor: Kate Wheeler, Reporter: Alisa Kay
Lane Fraser: Hanging out over
the lake. That’s Ivan Kristoff of the Canadian Rescue Emergency Service Team. Tomorrow he will be setting a world record at the CNE. He will rappel from a helicopter 2000 feet in the air. Ivan is an old hand at this stuff and
occasionally flips feet up, just to relieve the boredom. He carries his own weight of rope as he dangles to provide a route to the ground.

Ivan and his team are the top high rise rescue technicians in the country. And they will be performing at the EX tomorrow at 1 o’clock.

Kate Wheeler: Live now to the CNE, where an exiting dare devil record was set today. Hello, Alisha Key

Alisa Kay: It’s Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day here, at the EX, and that means they are honoring all those who serve and protect. Our coverage begins with the exclusive footage of a death-defying stunt over the Lake Ontario.

Kate Wheeler: That’s 29-year-old Ivan Kristoff, risking his life, dangling from a helicopter over Lake Ontario. Kristoff… broke a word record by ascending and rappelling a 350 feet up a rope supported only by a helicopter… Hundreds of Police officers Fire Fighters, Correctional Service staff and Ambulance and Military Personal gathered at CNE for the first time ever Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day.