This event is in honor of the life and work of Stanimir Leshev

2020 has presented the emergency services and SAR community with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. How can EMS and Civil Aviation organizations prepare for managing SAR operations in this new environment? Join us virtually and learn the latest advancements in evidence-based and practical approaches in emergency responder resilience.

Sofia A.I.R.

16 October, 2020

Rappelling in Skydome

Rope Access RescueIn 2001, after the events of 9/11, with a few of the EMS professionals and volunteers of Toronto, we were recognized for our contribution to the society. Then I had the honor to be the Special guest for the Opening of the Super Bowl in Toronto and participate in the International Chief of Police Association meeting in the SkyDome, where I did a special aerial tactical vertical landing on the playfield.

Hostage rescue by the Bulgrarian PoliceSo, as a tradition, with the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, we did a few special aerial events on the 9th of September, 2007 where we showcased how to deal with bomb threats in cooperation with the Police, Fire Department and the Specialized Unit for Combating Terorism (СОБТ). That is why I followed up on that tradition on the 9th of September 2020, to invite a few people with military bacground, journalists, IT specialists, technicians and from all walks of life who want to experience with us the harsh environment in which we will train the Rescuer of the future.

The main topic of the day is TRAILBLAZING FOR THE CREATION OF A VERTICAL AND AERIAL RESCUE EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN. For that reason, on the horizontal arrow of the crane you will experience the surrounding of the cat walk of the SkyDome (now called the Rogers Center in Toronto), where you can see in the photo bellow, how our friends from the Metropolitan Police Emergency Task Force (ETF) did their technical demonstrations for the International Chief of Police Eve parade.

CAUTION: This is the real thing, a construction site with hard to reach places and for your safety we will shut down the power of the crane and guide safely all the way up. We will provide safety and filming equipment, as well technical support. Because of the COVID-19 precautions, we will follow all adequate measures, so we suggest that you bring your own gloves and hats, because climbing up in the inside of a confined space of an open crane is always uncomfortable and that is the point to put you safely OUTSIDE THE COMFORTABLE ZONE and at the end of your vertical and air walking journey to enjoy the mission success and beautiful Mountain View from above a high perspective.



We are building the Home-office for the Rescuer of the Future and invite there on an exiting Discussion Panel, high in the air, to see our new technology for remote hybrid monitoring.


Introduction to the Development of the First Residential AIR RESCUE EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN in Bulgaria

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