Passion for Innovation 

Our specialized training for SAR missions  rises us above the modern world of remote access and creates the future trends for aerial rescue. That is why, we have always been the boundaries breakers of the conventional training by developing advanced methods for extreme rescue.

With the Perfect Partner

At the new element of the M.A.R.S. (Mountain Air Rescue Service) we constantly search for exciting terrains to explore the four worlds of rescue and our partner Fortis Swiss Watches: Sea- Air- Rescue-Space. From our experience with civilian to Gendarmerie, Police, Air Force and air-medical helicopters, we have developed Special Program for Multi disciplinary rope rescue operations. 

Extreme Vertical Rescue

Redefine Super and Mega high rise 
rescue at extreme heights

A ONE-day focused Forum on the Future of Rescue will feature strategic and technological discussions raising key issues on Artificial Intelligence, Thought Leadership, Security Integration in Everyday life, Emergency Preparedness & Response, Data Protection, Internet of Things and much more.

Rescue.ONE is designed to keep the industry updated with the latest developments & amendments in the new trends. All this will be complemented by a one-day parallel run conference on the new challenges for Vertical and Aerial Rescue. The project is developed by the Generation eXperienced people, introduced to  Generation Young volunteers and aimed for the New Generation of Rescuers.

Extreme Aerial Rescue

Redefine Mountain
rescue at extreme heights



The one day certified workshop for ER, held in co-operation with the Bulgarian Military Academy, will be tailored to address the requirements of professionals across different industries. See our Concept



At the Vertical Rescue Forum, we shall be sharing the new concepts for Vertical Rescue, with presentations, knowledge sharing on new implementations that will be beneficial for the rescue industry. See our Forum.



Some of the key topics that will be in focus are: Extreme Vertical Rescue & Evacuation Strategies for High Rise Buildings, Best Practices in Air Rescue Training & New Programmes. See our Draft Version.



The one-day summit focuses on futuristic technologies including VR, AI, e, IofT, advanced rescue systems and the various challenges these evolving technologies presents to ER. See our Organizer.



 A new World’s First for rope access work on the top of the World’s Tallest Building was achieved in 2003 by Ivan Kristoff.



For the World’s Tallest rope access ER, Ivan Kristoff prepared by climbing a decade before that the-Europe’s Tallest Peak



Ivan Kristoff set the World’s First World Record for rappelling on a rope, suspended by a hovering helicopter.



As you can follow that there is a trend of 1:10 Safety Factor, Ivan is working on a new project that goes beyond the Top of the World…

Specialized Training for Space Services 

Our forward thinking pushed us to go beyond the limits and predict the future trends and challenges for the vertical and aerial rescue. That is why, we have always been at the forefront and broke the boundaries of the the conventional training by achieving new heights in the vertical world.

At the height that is predicted to conduct a new type of heli rescue on the world’s highest building, we conducted our R&D initiative for the M.A.R.S. project. The Official Cosmonauts  AMADEE-18 Chronograph as the Timekeeper of our mission.