Be the S.O.S. Ambassador #ForBulgaria

“You’ve landed on the right LZ (Landing Zone – the insignia for the Bulgarian aviation), where a team of enthusiasts aims to build the foundation of a new kind of vertical and aerial rescue. We call this team THE INNOVATION TEAM. Training for vertical rescue and aerial rope access on high rise rooftops needs careful planning due to stronger wind and lack of depth of field. A team of executives, aviators, pilots, firemen and extreme sportsmen is developing the new methodology for operations at High Altitude Vertical Reference on super tall high rise buildings. In the world of building development, urban architecture and rope access work, the qualifications of terminology for high rises is the following: up to 300 meters tall- they are called high rises; above 300 meters tall- they are called super high rises; above 600 meters tall- they are called mega high rises   In Bulgaria, we don’t have super high rises, but we do have the super high vertical rocks above 300 meters in the region of Vratsa. So this is the platform and the terrain where the new team will initiate the first phase for vertical operations on walls and…


We are in the verge of making history in the vertical and aerial world. And whatever we do from now on will impact the aviation and rescue industry step by step. And every step will be a victory. Higher and further, whatever we do in a new way will be shared with other volunteers and professionals. I promise you that! But let it be known that whatever we do for the vertical and aerial rescue, we will do to improve safety, security, drone operations and fire protection on tall structures and our scientific knowledge and experience will be shared at the #ForBulgaria booth in Intersec 2018, in Dubai. That is where we would like to present you our Ambassadors.


But the Innovation Team does a lot of work behind the scenes. That is why we want to commemorate the brave and royal friends who support this initiative, contribute to better our society and in many ways represent the positive image of Bulgaria. That is why here we will start the Brand Ambassadorship Program for the #ForBulgaria project. All distinguished man who work hard and efficient to promote the positive image for Brand Bulgaria, make safer Bulgaria and promote Bulgarian innovation around the world. We salute these men and women for  their contribution and accomplishments.”

Ivan Kristoff