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Ivan Kristoff is a vet in the rope access and aerial rope rescue industry who is currently using his experience of work at height, creativity and know-haw to bring ideas to life in Toronto, Sofia and Dubai. He has unconventional marketing, PR and advertising experience, yet his focus lies in the modern communication methods where creating interactive consumer experience and drives him. Ivan’s portfolio showcases a range of experiential marketing concepts and completed projects for international brands in traditional and digital media. His next mission is to  create innovation for the aviation rope rescue industry.

EXPERIENTIAL MARKETINGExclusive promoter for Traser H3 Swiss Made watches

Ivan Kristoff''s successful campaign as an Exclusive Promoter of a Swiss watchmaker resulted in a proposal to become the Brand Ambassador for Traser H3 Swiss made Watches.Ivan Kristoff’s  successful campaign as an Exclusive Promoter of a Swiss watchmaker resulted in a proposal to become the Brand Ambassador for Traser H3 Swiss made Watches. His role was to help with the SMO of protraing the Aviation, Tactical And Extreme Sports watches of the new brand. Ivan developed the the Four Element concept of Extreme-Sear-Air-Land photo sessions with Traser watches.  More…

Later, Ivan teamed up with Fortis Swiss Made – the recognized brand in pilot’s watches to present the 100th Anniversary of the company in the Middle East. The goal was to present the new collection of Forits Watches to the Royal Family of Dubai during Dubai Helishow 2012 and 2014. That is why we re-created the AerialRescue.com website that will virally grow  online traffic and ultimately increase product awareness. Furthermore, the web site is built on a completely customized WP theme, giving the the client and fans of the brand the control to update future content. More…





Ексклюзивен промотър

2011 година бе успешна за Иван Кристоф. Той завърши успешно кампанията за промотиранетп на швейцарската часовникарска марка Traser H3. Освен от въжени и въздушни операции Иван Кристоф, известен още като Човека паяк явно разбира и от специализирани часовници.

Photo, The Brave