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CN Tower We did the World’s First on the top of the World’s Tallest Building in 2003 and by 2020, we intend to go beyond that.Dear Partners,

I would like to share with you my vision to put a proposal to Swiss Made Watches to be the Official timing partner of the A.I.R. (Air to aIr Rescue) project. After that I will put a proposal to His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. The project is very bold, challenging, and has a lot of novelty not only for air safety and rescue, but also for marketing and selling opportunities.

Whoever gets involved, will be at the forefront of his competition, and whoever is not involved – will wish to be involved in the project. That is why, I think it would be better for you company to get their first steps through the door as a partner and benefit as the first news-maker in the watch-craft industry, as the innovator in pilot’s watches for air rescuers. That is why I want to build a strong foundation with one world renowned brand, spread the word around and I believe that the Royal Family of Dubai, will hear about this project before my official proposal to them. That is why today I reached agreement with media partners to promote the development of the projects, and I will follow up with the International helicopter magazines to secure partnership with them. But first, I need to find out who will be first world renowned messenger to spread the idea.

Summary: M.A.R.S. – Mid Air Rescue System for heliborne evacuation of people from the exterior of super-high-rises. This is a pioneering project for the aerospace safety and high-rise industry. The project is initiated by Ivan Kristoff after the completion of the very first rope access work on the Antenna Mast of CN Tower (553m.), the world’s tallest structure in 20:3. For this job Ivan had to create innovative high rise Emergency Rescue Plan and rewrite the rules for conventional air rescue from super high rise buildings. The plan includes aerial extraction of Ivan’s team from the top of the Skypod Observation deck and the vertical wall of the 100 meters tall Antenna mast. The approximate height for this job was at the elevation of 500m.

Summary: A.I.R.Air to aIRescue from one aircraft to another aircraft

My mission
To introduce the concept of midair rescue on super high rise buildings and air to air rescue at high altitude. Next step is to enhance the delivery of aerial rescue efforts around the world through the promotion of international-agency cooperation,  and the coordinated development of standardized policies, training programs, and vertical/aerial operations.

My vision
Through the M.A.R.S. and A.I.R. projects, your company will grab the attention of pilots and people from the emergency services. With newsworthiness for air services, interesting stories regarding the development of these two projects, and creativity for Art Limited edition watches, we can brand acceleration for your company.

The philosophy
Ivan Kristoff has an extraordinary philosophy called Achieve New Heights  – a unique approach to extreme sports and projects that Ivan promotes and celebrates. At his heart is embedded the concept to reach heights reserved only for the bravest. 

The aim:
Trough the A.I.R. project we can leverage the power of breathtaking demonstrations and stories and use them to inspire people in the aviation to find solutions for rescue at any heights and make the world of air traveling safer.

The novelty:
The A.I.R. project is the opportunity for your company not only to for a one of a kind and unprecedented demonstration, where we can promote and sell your products, but to open a new page in the aviation and rescue history –  Air to Air Rescue – the ultimate aerial rescue. I strongly believe that the world will be amazed when they see it happening Live on TV.

The concept of Mid Air Rescue Systems (MARS) grabbed the attention of the media and all pilots with whom I talked to t during Dubai Helishow 2012. It is considered as the Ultimate Aerial Rescue and no one has dared to test it and apply it in the real world. I plan to do it!  I have got the idea for a very new kind of design for aviation watches. Just from this unique design, your brand can attract people to buy their watches. This design can be proposed to be a Series of Limited edition watches for the Dubai air rescue emergency services

After I did my research and discussed the matter with some of the top jet fighter and Tactical Transport Aircraft pilots in the world (along with a pilots, who are working for an aviation insurance company), we agreed that my idea of Air-to-Air rescue can be realized with a few military airplanes and helicopters.  I looked at the United Arab Emirates Air Force  and I am happy to share with you, that we can do it with their aircraft at the Dubai Airshow, if they agree to work on such a project or we succeed in our proposal to HH Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum.

In the case of the Helios Airways Flight 522 tragedy, at least one life could have been saved. I spoke to one of the pilots involved with the case and he shared with me that even he has been thinking if it were possible to do air rescue at that height. I have arranged to get the best technology and equipment to do the test in my homeland and do a demonstration in Dubai.

The benefits for UAE:
I can execute Mid Air Rescue from the UAE Air Forces to a civilian aircraft from the Emirates Airlines. This special event can be captured on IMAX and 3D film for the big screen around the world. I initiated the conversation for doing it with the owner of Meydan IMAX Theatre. We can contribute to the aircraft safety and raise the confidence in aviation safety to new levels. Imagine the impact on the air traveling, when people know that there is a chance to rescue them in the air. It is just a matter to do the due diligence preparations and set up such a military procedure and an Air Wing team, that can handle such operations and be prepared for rapid air response.

The benefits for Dubai:
This project will be proposed to the Royal Family in Dubai, to be realized with people from Dubai and realized for the safety of the people in Dubai. If Skydive Dubai (owned by the Crown Prince of Dubai), Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Dubai Police Rescue Department partners in the projects we can promote the destination and safety of Dubai.

As you can guess, there is an element of confidentiality, due to the uniqueness and high profile of this project. Therefore, I would like to ask you to pass my proposal to the military or government officials of the UAE through your contacts, and we can discuss the idea and possibility to work together in that direction. At least, we can have a meeting with their representatives at your show and discuss the matter for future partnership.

Media Partners:
I arranged a partnership with the leading Bulgarian television for finances and business to initiate the project and specialized magazines for helicopter operations; Vertical Magazine – The Pulse of the Helicopter Industry. We can have a big TV stations on board, because with in my discussion with one of the editors of the National Geographic magazine, a noble cause that can help humanity is one of the reasons to put an article in their magazine.  I have no doubt that the TV Channels of National Geography, Discovery Channel or Explorer would want to do a documentary movie on this project and results. From my experience in a reality TV Show, I think that we can sell the idea of doing a series of episodes on that subject. There is an example of my work with Discovery Channel over the Niagara Falls, USA

Partner’s experience in Dubai:

Nikon Middle East
Red Bull
DBI Sala Fall Protection
Domus Group – organizer of Dubai Helishow

How your company can benefit in many aspects:
Among some of the benefits, which were described above, your brand will be ahead of its competition and secure its place in the world of aviation and air safety by improving the safety of air traveling and aerial operations. Your company will have the very first model of a unique design for Limited Edition watches. Once we officially agree on a partnership, I will disclose the concept for an innovative design and marketing campaign for pilot’s watches.

What I need from in support

Partner in this project by sharing the cost for the preparation of the proposal to the “Powers That Be” in Dubai. Share the profits of the sales of my proposed design for A.I.R. (Air to aIr Rescue) Limited Edition watches

Once we initiated our partnership, to provide me with or design a branded pilots overall suit.

What I can do for Watch Companies for:

20,000 Еuro – Exclusive timekeeping for the AIR and MARS projects;

  • Make your company– the first news announcer of the AIR and MARS projects
  • Recognize you Watches as the official time measurement instruments
  • Product placements of your watches in presentations, articles and media interviews.
  • Brand awareness  enhancement for your logo in websites
  • Provide iconic images and video with your watches in extreme aerial/vertical operations, and  presentations, related to the training and development of the projects in year 2013

+10,000 Еuro – Covers the travel cost for presenting your brand /products to Aviation related Helicopter and Air Search and Rescue trade shows and conferences – Dubai Airshow 2013, etc.

+10,000 Еuro – Covers the cost for branding a moto paraglider with the your logo with which, I will set the first Air to Air transfer with the light aviation and

100,000 Еuro – Exclusive partner of the project A.I.R. and  M.A.R.S.

  • The Exclusive partner can choose the official name of the project. For example: FORTIS A.I.R.
    or IVAN KRISTOFF FOR T.I.S. (Technical Innovation and Safety) – in this case I can give my unique design for Limited Edition watches and marketing campaign. Base on my research, I was amused to find out that no one in the watchmaking history has had my idea for a brand new design of watches, bracelets and use of a material for aerospace.
    The campaign can consist of an Art Limited Edition motorcycle and  gloves with embedded Fortis watch.
  • Make a documentary for your brand like:
    F.O.R.T.I.S. (Films for aerial Operations, Rescue, Technical Innovation and Safety)
  • Make a photo book called  will images of your watches at extreme heights
  • Set up “Your Brand” Series of World Records
  • Copyrighting of spectacular stories and photos with your watches from the top of the tallest buildings in the world and special events