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Two Bulgarian space heroes, one success and one satellite

S.A.F.E.T.Y. (Solutions/Security, Art/Air rescue, Fitness/Forum/Filming/Fire protection, Education/Extreme, Training Youth/technologY)

Cyber Security in rescue

Киберсигурност  и цифрова трансформация в спасяването

In the Sea

Since 1997, Ivan Kristoff defines the new trends in Live monitoring from the board of the flying civilian helicopter during the World's First World Record for ascending and rappelling to broadcasting Live video from the ground supervised under the Metro Toronto Police Marine unit.

In the City

The World's First Rope Access Work above 500 meters off the ground. was captured by Ivan Kristoff with the new analog and digital technology of NIKON, the manufacturer of world's first digital camera. For this we initiated a ONE K panoramic filming from a military helicopter.

In the Air

In 2018 Ivan Kristoff flew with Bulgarian Air Force SAR team and skydivers to visualize in a panoramic ``eye's bird view: the specialized training for aerial aerial rescue that can be initiated at ONE K elevation. Through digital transformation this operation can be monitored remotely.

In the Extreme

Our new modules will emphasize practical approaches and draw from Live social media reports of new initiatives, healthcare, entrepreneurship, enterprise software, mobile services, experience and new initiatives to provide foundations and development with modern technology.

Digital Transformation for Rescue

Our platform introduces participants to the many ways data, like education, certification, history of participant’s involvement in the world of rescue, flight plans, GPS and telemetry monitoring, remote bank account of the rescue funds and money transfer. etc., are transforming the way volunteer rescuers can participate SAR missions  and provides strategies for designing, monetizing, and launching a digital platform.


ONE of our priority is building and managing platforms — digitized, open, and participative models that create community connected ecosystems of data and capability for on-line management of all operations. Through these networks emergency responders and teams like H.E.A.R,T., are crating a new model for new initiatives and transforming practices.Those who understand the new model can begin building tomorrow’s platforms in a way that leverages existing assets to create new forms of growth and value.

Hybrid Cellular / Satellite GPS Tracking

The Next Generation Tracking Technology can give you a 360 degree panoramic aerial view of any SAR and aerial rescue mission remote monitoring. With the advanced communication and operational tools built into the Mobile Mission Communication System, you will have control of sea-air-land operations of your tracking devices. Thus is pilot project for the innovative  Rescue One concept of Ivan Kristoff.