Media Lounge at Intersec 2018

World’s First Embedded Extreme VR Journalists.

1We invite professional pilots and journalists, who want to fly with us to film from the air for the very first time the EXTREME TV episode above the beautiful scenery of  Dubai and the Global VR Forum in 2018. Within the “Golden Medical Hour” we have put together a an outdoor event that introduces the new concept of Embedded Extreme Journalists for those who want to be more prepared for the unknown and the constantly changing environment of covering news with the best visual perspective and communications. We chose the “Golden Medical Hour”, because we are volunteers who want to share our knowledge and experience with other volunteer rescuers or professionals that are interesting in saving lives and providing vital information from emergency response and extreme situations. Join us for one hour flight to shoot from a hot air balloon and moto delta/hanglider. A professional filming crew can film you too…

Nikolay Ivanov KalaydzhievEmbedded Extreme Journalists is a new concept, developed by Ivan Kristoff, and refers to news reporters being attached to extreme and rescue teams involved in aerial and vertical operations. While the term could be applied to many interactions between journalists and extreme sports, the term Embedded journalism first came to be used in the media coverage of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In 1993, ten years earlier, Ivan invited a radio reporter form the Bulgarian National Radio, to hang on ropes, literally, on the exterior wall of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency.

In 2013, as part of “The Fortis Experience Project“, Ivan Kristoff initiated a series of special events in the vertical and aerial world, where he invited young journalist and students, who study “Mass Communications” to participate.






Build your skills, find the crew, save the mission.

This free outdoor training event lets you experience extreme sports in the air and on the ground with exciting, challenge-packed one hour of adventure. The mission is to create XTREAM – World’s First Embedded Extreme Journalists. Only the bravest minds, and the most advanced equipment can help these people to advance the new generation of journalist who can be better prepared for covering news in extreme situations, harsh environment and crisis management.

This outdoor event is for accredited journalist who want to experience a few extreme sports and the technology that can be applied for 360 degree panoramic view that can be set on various light aircraft to cover Emergency Response and aerial wireless video communications.  The participants will experience a few elements of the “Stress Factor”, “The Test of Time” and “The Element of Surprise” that will make them familiar of how they will train in order to become Embedded Extreme Journalist.   Previous experience with cloud technologies and Live video and photo monitoring is beneficial, but not essential.

This is an interactive on field workshop. To get the most from your session, please bring your laptop and visual communication equipment. 

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В отбора за екстремни преживявания

Вертикално спасяване
Интегра Радиостанции

Introduction for the workshop speaker:

Ivan Kristoff

Founder, Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.)

Ние сме We Are Air ForceIvan Kristoff is the first person in the world, who crossed the benchmark of working on ropes above 500 meters and solved the problems on the top of the world’s tallest building in 2003. Now he has a new mission – to introduce new concept that reaches new heights above the operations on the tallest buildings in the domain of open skies. He has found the solution to problems that has not be resolved and is teaming up with the Top of Mind key people to describe the scientific approach to creating a methodology for midair rescue from various types of aircraft. He has reached out to government and private organizations from the aviator, filming, marketing and academic industry in order to document on film the first phase of the project – R&D.
Ivan started his career in the field of rope access, after which he discovered his passion for marketing and business development in the field of extreme vertical and aerial operations. He has studied IT Communications at the University of Toronto, Mass Communications and Brand Management in other universities. He developed his international brand and registered trade mark “Ivan Kristoff” by setting new trends in remote access and world records for rappelling and ascending on a rope from a flying helicopter, one of them in Toronto, Canada, with a civilian helicopter and one in Madara, Bulgaria, with the Bulgarian Air Force’s military helicopter. He created and sponsored “Club Extreme” in the New Bulgarian University, in which he introduced students from the Bachelor’s program “Mass Communications” to the world of extreme vertical and aerial sports. Now he creates a new platform for Embedded Extreme Journalists that will reach new heights and train professional journalist to the four worlds of Sea – Air- Land – Space, for which he partners with international brands like Fortis Swiss Watches that has 20 years of experience in space and shares with them the network of pilots and astronauts. 
Ivan’s achievements in the volunteer rescue field were noticed by American and European TV production films, who wanted to make amazing new TV Series with his H.E.A.R.T. team and unique ideas for vertical and aerial rescue on super highrise buildings. He strongly believes that the new type of marketing can help advance the creation of the most elite volunteer rescue team that can work together with Embedded Extreme Journalists on hard to reach places and achieve what no one has achieved in this field.

Introduction for the #ForBulgaria pilot:


Founder, Extreme Sports

Brand Identity and Brand Enhancement“Different people have a different sense of purpose in life. Personally, my purpose is my family, friends and sport. My nickname is Spiderman, I am born in Bulgaria. I have been doing extreme sports for 10 years and it has become my professional business with people for the last 7 years. It all started as a joke and I gave all my money for the first machine. I didn’t know if it would work with my business and I had no idea how to use it but here I am now – I created the biggest extreme sport club in Bulgaria. In life you should face the difficulties and with very hard work and falls, I knew I had to look at the world through a different eye – through the bird’s eye! Everybody thought I was crazy and it was very dangerous. Yes, of course it was! Everything you are a beginner at and not sure in is a potential danger. Risk can bring you a very bad situation, but it can also bring success. In my case it brought success! Everybody risks something every day, somebody risks a lot, other not. And I … I risk my life everyday – and I do it with joy!“, says Spiderman.