•Ivan Kristoff has a unique position in the market as a rope access player with an extremely high profile in the vertical world. He pioneered the development of the most comprehensive high-rise rope access service in Canada.

•Completed some of the most challenging high-altitude rope access projects in the vertical environment and helicopter operations.

•One of his unique projects was ropework on the world’s tallest structure during extreme weather conditions and harsh environment.

•Extensive experience with Military, Tactical Aviation, Police and Fire Department.

•Developed innovative techniques for aerial rapid access and human extraction with helicopter at high-rise buildings.

•Internationally known for his innovative project and cutting-edge use of technology in inaccessible places. Technical consultant and sponsored by the world leading photo, IT and mobile communication companies.



The President of Bulgaria congratulates Ivan Kristoff for his successful mission with the Bulgarian Air Forces Tactical Aviation Professional achievements

First time in the world

World record breaker

On top of the world

Canada’s hero


Part of aerial demonstrations organized by Ivan Kristoff

Organizing and sponsoring a volunteer rescue team in Canada

Organizing and financing a volunteer rescue team in Bulgaria

Organizing the first aerial rapid-access human extraction from the side of a high-rise building with a Police Tactical Unit

References from the directors:

 ‎”Today on Popular Mechanics we are doing a story called rappelling that goes over te overall theme of ‘Life Saving’. How do you shoot rappelling? You shoot it from a lot of different angles. First of all, safety is the main thing. We are with one of the best in Canada in terms of rappelling and sports’ safety. And, we have him hooked up with the different lines, so that nothing happens. He is a brave guy to go over the side. I could not even look,  well along do it myself,” says Sid Goldberg, writer/director