Toronto’s Heroes

A Special Tribute to the Urban Rescuers
Everyday Heroes

Toronto’s Heroes

The Unsung Heroes of the Highrise Workplace

Let’s Celebrate Our #EverydayHeroes: These brave people can’t work from home and their job is an essential and must get done. It’s a tough job, from getting up on sunrise to the sunset it takes on their body to the monotonous nature of the job, at times it’s hard to keep on going.

What do construction workers, rope access techs, vertical and aerial rescuers, structural engineers high-rise building developers and managers have in common? For most of us, the better we perform the more attention we receive. Yet for many “the extreme operations at extrme heights”-skilled professionals whose role is critical to whatever enterprise they’re a part of-it’s the opposite: the better they do their jobs the more they disappear. In fact, often it’s only when something goes wrong that they are noticed at all, or mentioned in the news. You don’t see them, but when you look at those tall structures and high-rise landkape from the air, when you arive with an airplane, you see what marvloust thing they have created.

And despite our culture’s increasing celebration of fame, people who are famous only because they are famous, superstar CEOs and assorted varieties of “influencers”, who do crazy stuf on the top of buildings” and selfies that end up fatally, they’re fine with remaining anonymous. I would be happy to interview top experts in unusual fields to reveal the quiet workers behind public successes. Combining in-depth profiles with insights from psychology, sociology, and business, I would love to uncovers how these hidden professionals reap deep fulfillment by relishing the challenges their work presents.

As one of those people who used to put their life on the line (Litterally), when I used to be at the spotlight of the public and media interest, I would be happy to cover the real life stories of the people who don’t stop working, regardles of all extreme danger and the current COVID-19 crisis.

So, let me know, if you know anyone who has an exciting story to share, or your local Spiderman, and we can get in contact and write and where possible film these interesting and exciting people in the new upcoming platform for Embedded Extreme Journlaism.




FBI policeIvan Kristoff has spent portion of his life in places where few people would care to venture. North America’s foremost aerial rescue expert, Kristoff is also the founder of the Eiger Highrise Emergency Aerial Rescue Team, or Eiger HEART, a non-profit organization whose aim is to: minimize the loss of life and to increase the safety of the public.”

He created the organization because he felt that with over 12,000 high rises in Ontario and substandard training procedures for rope workers, such as window washers, accidents were bound to happen for which traditional emergency response teams would not be equipped.

And if anyone is qualified to run such an organization, it is Kristoff. In addition to his years in the Bulgarian Army and work with the airborne forces, where he received survival and emergency training, he has a lifetime of climbing experience that began with the makeshift equipment when he was a teen. He also works professionally on high rises, doing inspections and implementing safety guidelines  for property managers.

Although the work may sound suited to a daredevil, Kristoff has spent his life turning into an exact science.

He has integrated his academic training as a mechanical engineer technician and the benefits of modern technology, including laptop computers and digital video equipment, to ensure that safety always comes first.

He is currently working as a safety expert on a committee involving the Ministry of Labour and construction and manufacturing companies helping to draft safety guidelines.

”Accidents shouldn’t happen, ” he says. But if they do, it is a good thing Ivan Kristoff is around.

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This is a new initiatives to celebrate May 1st, aka International Workers’ Day for the #everydayheroes

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