Rope Acceess from the CN Tower

Achieve New Heights

At the beginning of the new Millennium, the Canadian Spiderman became the first man who stepped on the unreachable places on the tallest tower in the world. He was the first one chosen to resolve the problems on the biggest challenges in the rope access work at extreme heights. Now Ivan motivates other people to achieve their personal best.

 Ivan Kristoff has an extraordinary philosophy called Achieve New Heights – a unique approach to extreme sports and projects that Ivan promotes and celebrates. At his heart is embedded the concept to reach heights reserved only for the bravest. One of the latest projects, which he completed, was the first ropework on the unclimbed areas of the top of the world’s tallest structure in 2003.

At the heart of  Ivan Kristoff lies an extraordinary philosophy called Achieve New Heights – an innovative approach to develop projects in the extreme sports

Achieve New HeightsKristoff has ccommitted resources to fully supporting the endeavors of his teammates from a variety of extreme disciplines in training – thus creating a group of rope access technicians and professional engineers, who continue to re-define the limits of human potential. His team members engage in extraordinary events throughout the year, in the most extreme circumstances, around the world. Possessing the courage and the will to cross new frontiers, these exceptional men embody the purest expression of the Achieve New Heights philosophy. For this reason he created Club Extreme.

With each adventure, Ivan Kristoff puts his physical and mental determination against the elements of danger to achieve a predetermined goal. On May 2002, Ivan Kristoff set the world record in rappelling and ascending on a rope from a helicopter, rewriting the procedures for rope access on MI-17 turbo twin-engine aircraft. He became the first person to ascend, unassisted in Single Rope Technique (SRT). As Ivan prepares for another world record, his company has the honor of participating in this outstanding episode in the history of human endeavor.

These and other extreme endeavors carried out Ivan have created new trends in the vertical environment. Ivan continuously improves his IT, mobile computing and communications equipment, based on product performance feedback from his aerial and vertical operations. Most importantly, he personifies the concept of Achieving New Heights, proving to all that the impossible is attainable.

Ivan is dedicated to each endeavor from conception to completion. His company with the cooperation of government agencies and private sector provides event development, preparation, logistics support, public relations and marketing. For example, The City of Toronto staff and Mayor Mel Lastman were interested to set up a Guinness World Record for rappelling from a helicopter at the 10th Anniversary Mayoral Charity Golf Tournament on 3rd and 4th of September 2002 at Lionhead Golf and Country Club.

Motivating the courageous to excel with the “Achieve New Heights” mission
The drive to overcome one’s physical, mental and spiritual limits is an internal attitude that transcends global borders. The Achieve New Heights concept is a way of life and force of empowerment within us all. When adopted, they test our personal boundaries and open the door to new levels of achievement in vertical, aerial operations and all aspects of life.

The quest to Achieve New Heights is Ivan’s mission – the driving force behind every team endeavor. For Ivan, the willpower to Achieve New Heights is much more than a modern motivational concept; it is a way of life.

What is new
Ivan and his partners will organize and execute a series of projects in the field of vertical and aerial operations. They will star filming aerial events at extreme heights with the light aviation and helicopters. If you want to joint contact us.

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