The Rescue ONE Concept

AI definition for the Rescuer of the Future

The rescuer of the future is a concept that envisions a world where individuals, organizations, and technology work together to provide quick and effective emergency response to save lives, reduce harm, and mitigate disasters. This future rescuer is equipped with advanced technologies, such as drones, robots, and wearable devices, that can provide real-time information and support in emergency situations. They are also trained in the use of these technologies to provide faster and more efficient rescue operations, reducing response times and improving outcomes. The rescuer of the future is not just limited to emergency services personnel, but also includes individuals and communities who are empowered to help each other in times of crisis.

In the Sea

In 1997, Ivan Kristoff completed the World's First World Record for ascending and rappelling from a flying civilian helicopter over lake Ontario, near Toronto. Canada. This year he will initiate a specialized filming from under Ice apnea training the Rescue One Project.

In the City

In 2003, Ivan Kristoff completed the World's First Rope Access Work above 500 meters off the ground. This year he initiated a ONE K panoramic and AI filming from a military helicopter to capture some amazing footage for his new initiative - the Rescue One Project.

In the Air

In 2002, Ivan Kristoff completed another World's First from a flying military helicopter, over the Madara Horsmen in Bulgaria. Due to the extreme flying conditions that occurred due to the sudden change form the local to the mainstream wind front the execution of...

In the Extreme

...the heli operation was performed in a critical situations. Now he will initiate a specialized training program that involves new technology for remote crisis management and methodology for vertical/aerial rope access and rescue operations.

The Rescuer of the Future

The innovative concept or Resuce.One is that One rescuer  can be trained and supported, so that he can be self efficient and by him self, he can respond to any rescue at any high at any time.  One rescue team can respond within the One  Medical Golden Hour to any ER and have the full capability to provide in real time Live video streaming and data transfer if necessary.

Creative solutions
One important aspect is to focus on innovative approach to SAR operations and Remote Access Mission Control Mobile Center.
The Golden Medical Hour
We train and focus to improve our ER time to respond and deal with a crisis situation within the ONE Golden Medical Hour
Authentic Information
We take AI (Artificial Intelligence) very seriously. We go further and initiated a new approach to the AI - the Authentic Information that can fight with the fake news and rescue.
We are developing and International Vertical Access Network for exchanging know how, resources and information among other experts and organizations worldwide.
The correct Authentic Information for Rescue operations at the right time was crucial in our efforts to conduct remote rescue mission this year and we see this as a new trend to work on.
Cloud computing
Cloud computing and Remote hardware and software operations are critical of storing and sharing data, analysis and routs and POI. Cyber security is priority ONE for our Big Data and missions.
Data driven
IT, IofT, Mobile, GPS and Satellite Communications and Online banking are pivotal for the success of the missions for a Rescue ONE Tech, who can perform on his own in any part of the world.
Mobile Mission Control is the new social media channel for a platform for the missions of Rescue ONE

Aerial SAR Operations

Extreme Attitude Training for Extreme Altitude Performance at Extreme Conditions with Ivan Kristoff

Хибридно клетъчно / сателитно GPS проследяване

With V2TRACK Fleet Management

A cutting-edge aircraft tracking system

We are excited to experiment in Sea-Air-Land the FUTURE OF TRACKING - TODAY, which will enable us to effectively track and communicate with aircraft, land vehicles/equipment and marine vessels.

Опитайте системата за проследяване за себе си, без риск. Свържете се с нас за вашия безплатен пробен период.

With The Next Generation Rescuer

On any aircraft for SAR Missions

We are developing an innovative Concepts for the Next Generation Rescuer - the E-Rescuer who can contribute and benefit from the Next Generation Internet. Ivan Kristoff inspired a team to create a virtual reality based on special video footage and pictures from real flights.


With aircraft for SAR

From Cessna 172 N Skyhawk to Piper Pa-38 Tomahawk

You can benefit from the know-how of the most experienced organizations for Air SAR mission and aerial rescue with a world leading company, which is based in the Swiss Alps and has the biggest multi disciplinary portfolio for rescue operations.

Каня хората, които желаят да се включат в инициативата SOS (създаване на доброволчески "Специализиран отряд за спасяване", който да отреагирва при Издирване и спасяване по земя, вода и възздух с хеликоптер на труднодостъпни места, да ни пише

With Military Helicopters

From Mi 17 to Eurocopter Cougar

Currently we work on Futuristic Innovative Concepts for Hell Rescue operations. Ivan Kristoff is experienced with the various external attachments of Mi-17, with the Eurocopter AS532 Cougar and filming with the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin helicopters.

With Military Helicopters

With Police Helicopters

From Mi 17 to Leonardo 109 and 103

Our Innovation Rescue Fund can contribute for AIR SAR for Bulgarian and Canadian Mountaineers across the world. Even if we are beyond the critical time for personal involvement on site, we can manage situations remotely with financial and technical support for aerial rescue or surveillance.

Heli Fire

With Gendarmerie

Mi 17 with central open hatch for external hauling

With the Air Unit of the former Bulgarian National Gendarmerie and the Faculty of Fire Safety and Civil Protection of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior, Ivan Kristoff organized and executed the very first of it kind air rescue training form the exterior of a high-rise.

heli Air

With Heli Air Medical


With the AIR AMBULANCE of Heli Air Services we had the experience of external heavy load hauling in the highest Bulgarian mountain and transport of filming personnel and equipment for the #ForBulgaria project.


With Flming Helicopters

Twin Engine

Rappelling from Gendarmeria M i17, Eurocopter AS350 with experienced pilot form the filming industry to climbing up the ropes under a Eurocopter AS532 Cougar with pilot Gen. Zlatko Zlatev and other flying crews and helicopters of the Bulgarian Forces and civilian companies is quite a an experience.

With Civilian Helicopters

With Civilian Helicopters

Single Engine

From work with single to twin engine helicopters, ivan Kristoff reduces the risk for The rescue missions or aerial operations by taking most of the risk on himself with Rescue ONE. Everything that puts the life of rescuers in extreme danger can be minimized by extreme measures.

With Experimental Helicopters

With Experimental

Single Engine

The main core of Rescue ONE is ONE Mission - through bold projects and innovation to minimize loss of life and maximize efficiency, Experimental work at extreme situations is our signature. That is why we have successfully survived multiple stunts with Experiential helicopter.

ONE call that does it all

This is the most simplified model for rescue operation that is light, self-efficient, self-financed, self-trained, independent ONE entity that can be deployed in high risk uncertain situations and dangerous places. ER, Air medical, military air crews and rescue teams consist of many personnel that can be exposed to extreme danger. It is not justified for them to be trained the way Ivan Kristoff has trained – for extreme risks.


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With our own resources, we are literally building the future Rescue and Residential Station for the Rescue.One module of SAR tech.

Read the update on our commitment to the help volunteer organizations, start-ups and the business with new technology and initiatives that can be beneficial during the coronavirus crisis: MISSION POSSIBLE

Иван Кристоф



One of the ideas we can contribute with our experience from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharja and partnership with companies and organizations from the United Arab Emirates is the creation of a Bulgarian application for volunteers, which provides many benefits for them, including the ability to manage volunteer activities, organize attendance and departure of volunteers for rescue missions, calculate volunteer hours, manage and organize the volunteer agenda, create and manage work teams, register new volunteers, obtain the necessary approvals, receive comments and suggestions and interact with them.

Една от идеите, с които можем да допринесем с опита си от Дубай и партньорство с компаниии и организации от Обединените арабски емирства е създаването на българско приложение за доброволци, което предоставя много предимства за тях, включително възможността да управляват доброволчески дейности, да организират присъствие и заминаване на доброволци, да изчисляват часовете на доброволците, да управляват и организират дневния ред на доброволците, да създават и управляват работни екипи, да регистрират нови доброволци, да извличат необходимите одобрения, да получават бележки и предложения и да взаимодействат с тях.