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About This Project

Brand Identity and Brand EnhancementGreat power = great responsibility

Today is the International Volunteer Day and a very special day also for me, because Fortis, the world leader in Swiss watch making, chose me to be their Brand Ambassador. That forges our partnership and we can shape the future of vertical and aerial rescue by communicating the new concepts vertical rescue and vertical reference on super high rise buildings.

Fortis has over 100 year history and is an inventor of the very first alarm chronograph and has supported many world records, like the highest helicopter flight above mount Everest in 2002 and the highest record with a jet fighter in 1995.

For my brand Ivan Kristoff®, today is history, but with Fortis I promises you we will make history….

“I appreciate this honor more as a credit for the innovative concepts that I have to do for the rope access and aviation industry globally in the future, but also as an amazing recognition for Bulgaria, for my partners and friends”

As a teenager I found new areas and the Big gallery at the Big Balabanova Cave in Bulgaria. That was a very special emotion and experience as a young explorer and shaped my passion to explore new exciting domains that involve action. As a student at the University of Toronto, I stepped again when no man has stepped before, on the exterior of the top of the World’s Tallest Structure in 2003. Later I found the very first of its kind Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team. Now I developed the concept for a new type of rescue and with Forits watch on my hand, I plan to introduce it to the world.

I grew up with the excitement of watching my homeland to be the sixth nation in the world to send a two cosmonauts to space and later watched the Fortis involvement and support of space expeditions and world records in the aviation.

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