We will present a new concept for the air rescue


Our domains of operations and exploration


Симбиозата на безкомпромисна функционалност на серията от часовници печели награда за дизайн. Тте могат да бъдат намерени в дълбоки води


 Вдъхновен от елегантен дизайн на 1930-те и 40-те години, на Terrestris Collection е знак на почит към първите години на пионерска работа на марката.

Emergency response for aerial rescue

Яркa четливост, сапфирен кристал с антирефлексно покритие от двете страни и устойчивост на високо налягане са основните характеристики.

Space rope access

Космонавтската колекция навършва 20 години, тъй като нейното орбитално бойно кръщение е на борда на космическата станция МИР

Fortis Collection
SQ Fred North Heli

Избрахме световния бранд Фортис, щвейцарска компания с над 100 годишна история и световно рекорди за наш партньор.

Fortis Whnite Diver

Носител на множество награди за дизайн за гениално технологично решение, в съчетание с великолепен дизайн.

Fortis Extreme B42

Концептуален артист и дизайнер Ролф Сакс, признат за отличителния си мулти дисциплинарен подход, създаде нова лимитирана серия.

Fortis Aviatis

Както FORTIS “магнум опус, Daybreaker е първият и единствен автоматично в света хронограф с аларма и функция GMT.

SQ Fortis Amadee

Започна новата ера на космически часовници. Монолита е изработен от високо технологични, космически доказани материали.

Time to Draw
Fortis Watches
Time to Climb
Time to Relax
Time to  Fly

Effective rope access, time and project management for emergency responders

Precise time management is crucial when working at height and high profile rope access projects. In order to increase efficiency or productivity, I have developed a specialized time management program with the necessary tools, techniques and skills, required to effectively manage time when accomplishing emergency response and repairs in remote access work. This time management system is designed for emergency responders and rope access technicians, who have to be sent on work at extreme heights and helicopter rope work operations, where every second counts and there is no chance to go back or not finish the assigned mission on time. When we work with battery powered technology and cordless equipment in remote and hard to reach areas, we have to calculate all aspect of operations in order to complete the task within the charge of a battery, for example. Even every body movement in the abyss must be calculated before commencing the job on the ropes.

For those, who need to improve their time management skills, I have prepared a combination of educational processes, tools, techniques, and methods for developing personal growth in that area. This is a necessity in the harsh environment and the type of work, for which my company is called. So, this is just some of the list for our newcomers:

  • How to get organized
  • How to set priorities and handle critical tasks on time
  • How to master the art of time management
  • How to map the important things
  • How to double your time management with the proper watches
  • How to improve your multitasking operations

Improve your multitasking operations with the I.V.A.N. “Time management” program
From case studies made for people who work in extreme environment, like pilots and aerial/rope rescuers, we know that they cannot perform efficiently in more than seven various tasks at the same time. To help you minimize the stress and maximize your concentration for multitasking operations during emergency response and crisis situations, contact us to provide you with the necessary training, educational materials and timing instruments.

Double time management
Soon I will be working on creating specialized watches for ER and people who value being on time. You can identify a rope access or emergency responder who is time management conscious by the extra large size of his time keeper.

More Facts

The escence from the LUCY movie: Time is everything

Lucy: Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist.


Professor Norman: For primitive beings like us, life seems to have only one single purpose: gaining time. And it is going through time that seems to be also the only real purpose of each of the cells in our bodies. To achieve that aim, the mass of the cells that make up earthworms and human beings has only two solutions. Be immortal, or to reproduce. If its habitat is not sufficiently favorable or nurturing, the cell will choose immortality. In other words, self-sufficiency and self-management. On the other hand, if the habitat is favorable, they will choose to reproduce. That way, when they die, they hand down essential information and knowledge to the next cell. Which hands it down to the next cell and so on. Thus knowledge and learning are handed down through time.


Lucy: Time gives legitimacy to it’s existence. Time is the only true unit of measure.

Our project for a new rescue watch