Helicopter Rides for s.o.s. Training

All rescue missions can be coordinated by the new  S.O.S. Coordination Call centre. The Call centre can be operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Coordination centre will use the latest communication equipment, ensuring control during flights and stable connection with Air Traffic Control Center in Sofia and CAA, as well as with every airport on the territory of Bulgaria.

Based on the location and the diagnosis of the patient, the Call Centre will alerts the nearest helicopter base and than performs control during the whole flight.

This is a pilot project, but still, in the event of an accident or serious illness, anyone can ask Aerial Rescue for assistance at any time of the day or night by calling its emergency number: +359 878 189 423

Project development

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Call Center 24/7:

We are developoping the Coordination Center for the Rescuer of the future


Aerial Rescue is the first initiative in Bulgaria to provide such multidisciplinary pro bono services. The idea for its establishment arose in 1992, when the economic conditions in the country made it possible for such service to be developed. It was decided that an organization, specialized in air rescue services, should be formed. There was a strong need for a new type of transportation – with light utility helicopters. Based on the experience of the Swiss company REGA, and German ADAC, the company was established and developed.


the new air rescue initiative

The Aerial Rescue project develops in cooperation with the main experts and leaders in the sphere of medical flight and special opertations The principle of transporting medical assistance directly to the scene of the accident was revolutionary in Bulgaria. What began as a small group of pioneers has in the course of 20 years developed into a non-profit - run organization. Today the Aerial Rescue initiative can is in operation 24 hours a day. Whether you have taken ill or suffered an accident, you can count on rapid, uncomplicated assistance from the air.

The Concept

If there is a request in the Call centre for a medical flight, immediately the flight dispatcher on duty organizes the work of the pilots and the medical staff, giving them the necessary information, concerning the exact location of the patient, his /her/ medical state, possible place for landing and approximate duration of the flight. The next step is to get the necessary permissions from ATC for accomplishing the flight. In the meantime the dispatcher stays in touch with the relatives of the patient or the people, who have requested the flight. After getting the patient on board, the Call centre advises the appropriate hospital. After landing, the patient is transported to the hospital and the crew flies back to the base. There the helicopter is refuelled and the medical and technical equipment checked and serviced.


In a case of big averages, accidents, explosions, searching and rescuing of lost tourists, skiers, etc. helicopters are the best opportunity for rendering assistance

Air Rescue

If necessary, special flights for air patrolling and observation of different sites like gas-mains or petrol-mains, electric transmission network, dams, contamination in the sea or rivers, etc. can be performed.

If necessary, we can take on the board representative of the customer, photographer or operator to film the flight.

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Land on the Highest LZ in bulgaria

When performing flight for air sight seeing, the helicopter can fly with minimum speed and at minimum height over interesting objects, giving opportunity of the passenger for a better look. Four-seat Robinson R44 Raven I helicopter  is high performing, reliable, very good and cost effective for filming and making special photos, because of the sliding side door that makes it possible for the operator to see the object from different angles.

in the golden medical hour

We are organizing an AIR Forum ONE, within the Golden Mediical Hour, up in the air at the construction side of Spiderman.Academy – the Home and Ofiice of the Rescuer of the Future.