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In the Sea

In 1997, Ivan Kristoff completed the World's First World Record for ascending and rappelling from a flying civilian helicopter over lake Ontario, near Toronto. Canada. This year he will initiated a specialized filming from under Ice apnea training the Rescue One Project.

In the City

In 2003, Ivan Kristoff completed the World's First Rope Access Work above 500 meters off the ground. This year he initiated a ONE K panoramic and AI filming from a military helicopter to capture some amazing footage for his new initiative - the Rescue One Project.

In the Air

In 20027, Ivan Kristoff completed another World's First from a flying military helicopter, over the Madara Horsmen in Bulgaria. Due to the extreme flying conditions that occurred due to the sudden change form the local to the mainstream wind front the execution of...


... the heli operation was performed in a critical situations, he will initiated new a specialized training program that involves new technology for remote crisis management and methodology for vertical and aerial rope access and rescue operations.

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Останалото е ЕНЕРГИЯ

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The people behind the concept for healthier fond energy support

Ivan Ilchev

Our Energy Partner

Currently this is the only Bulgarian company offering 100% natural Drinking Chocolate (hot chocolate), made from only cocoa beans and brown non-refined cane sugar.
The last product we introduced to the market at the beginning of 2017 is new even to the European market. It is tea made of cocoa beans, spiced with different natural ingredients.

aerial rescue commando

Casa Kakau

Our Communication Partner

Since his birth, Ivan Kristoff has lived in a hostile situation and harsh environment. A child of half Communist/Capitalist family, he was raised during the Communism regime in Bulgaria until he escaped to his relatives and dissidents in Toronto, Canada. There, he became #ONE – the first man on the planet, to work on the top of the World’s Tallest Structure.