Човешкото тяло е 70% вода

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Casa Kakau


The people behind the concept for healthier food energy support

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Casa Kakau

Casa Kakau

Our Energy Partner

Currently this is the only Bulgarian company offering 100% natural Drinking Chocolate (hot chocolate), made from only cocoa beans and brown non-refined cane sugar.
The last product we introduced to the market at the beginning of 2017 is new even to the European market. It is tea made of cocoa beans, spiced with different natural ingredients.

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Concept Developer

Our Communication Partner

Since his birth, Ivan Kristoff has lived in a hostile situation and harsh environment. A child of half Communist/Capitalist family, he was raised during the Communism regime in Bulgaria until he escaped to his relatives and dissidents in Toronto, Canada. There, he became #ONE – the first man on the planet, to work on the top of the World’s Tallest Structure.

Тази сутрин получих пратка с Casa Kakau шоколади от какаови зърна с Розово масло, което едно много приятно, младо и позитивно семейство, произвежда Био продукти и с удоволствие ще ги споделя с вас и който дойде с детето си на днешните снимки по вертикала на красивите орехови дървета в родния двор,  и бъдещата градина на Buxton Heights | Бъкстонски възвишения.
От нас с Иван Илчев е горещото кафе и вкусните шоколади.

Original Dark 70%

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