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About This Project

Night of the Stars

For the 7th edition of the show “Night of the Stars” Encho Keryazov  has invited participants of 11 countries presenting 5 holders of Guinness World Records, 6 Monte Carlo price awardees, 20 extreme cascades, a Broadway comedian, a living torpedo, a spider-man, a deadly crossbow and many more surprises.. One night, in which the stars will come closer to you!

Encho Keryazov

I had done a special shoot on Encho Keryazov’s 6th edition of the show and I loved it. What attracted me to the “Night of the Stars” are the aerial acrobatics and moto spot stunts in the air. I have an idea for Encho; that we organize a special shoot that would be a one-off, which would produce an iconic image of Encho.

Rehersals started in July 2016 at Bistrica A.I.R., near Sofia.We flew with hot air balloon and pilot Rosen Kasabov to fill the panoramic view of the Vitosha Mountains, which will be a great background for our next photo shooting stage. My idea is to create the aerial platform for Encho or any of his aerial acrobats who want to scale down on the vertical in the air, which is an incredible stunt called for in the script of the upcoming movie A.I.R.

The movie will portray the real life story of а Bulgarians in their quest to create the most elite vertical and aerial rescue team. In the beginning of the early 2003 one of them has achieved new heights on top of the world’s tallest structure, wrote a new chapter in the history of rope access, and now is on a mission to train the new generation of rescuers who will open a new chapter of the history of rope rescue. Encho Keryazov conquers his world wide achievements and with his initiative “Night of the Stars” he helps the very young Bulgarian talents in their efforts to achieve their dreams.

Ivan kristoff Lucy


Hello film makers, screenwriters and stunt enthusiasts. For those of you who are keen on innovation, shooting and writing scenarios, we invite you to join an incredible project. The Action and Real Life Documentary Film about extreme riders and and aerial acrobats is the ultimate goal. The script can be rewritten on the go, as the project develops. We plan to use the newest and most advanced technology to capture epic aerial images for the big screen… 

One of my concept to create a unique volunteer rope rescue team, is to meat amazing people like Encho Keryazov, his team and train them with the best of the best….

The Brave
Bistrica A.I.R, Encho Keryazov, Night of the Stars