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yamaha Motorbike Adventure

From Europe to the Rooftop of the World

Cross-Continents Motorbike Adventure 

February 28, 2018

Motorbike AdventureFor some riders the greatest hardship faced while crossing continents is choosing between different terrains, but our goal  is a bit more open to roughing it through multiple time, conflict and war zones.

In April, with a handheld camera and the occasional support crew in tow, with a few friends I  plan to set out from Sofia atop matching off-road motorcycles. We plan to cross the Border of Europe, the Mediterranean Sea by ferries and begin a one-month eastward tear through Asia, with a final destination – Mount Everest. This adventure will be the test drive for our new motorcycles and will be initiated again in May for the Everest Day on the 29th of May, 2018, in Nepal. In a different route of course – to the Rooftop of the World.

There is a possibility to film a new web-episodes  or TV series and a book with the same title, drawn from our trip diaries, will be written. 

There was is a story in the National Geographic Adventure magazine that actor Ewan McGregor shares his experience on a larger scale. Obviously, we have a short window of time and we have to do it on our own. A trip of this scale takes an enormous amount of planning. You’d really need a year or two to plan it. And here is the rode map of the 15,000 km ride of C. Shmitt and T. Lang.

“Last year, I had a near death-experience when a car hit me while I was riding my Grand Canyon Dragomir mountain bike near the Borisov Garden Park in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I was wearing a DRAG bike helmet but I have fallen very bad, unconscious, and probably because of the sudden trauma shock (all I remember after that was that the same  has rethink that has happen a few times  while I was riding sports bikes and hit by another car in Canada and  Bulgaria) and the pain from а few broken ribs and a collarbone, I have choked my tongue and left breathless for over a minute and ten seconds. No one out of the three people who have came to help me while I have been laying down on the road, has been able to open my jaw. Luckily, I have been trained in Apnea (suspension of breathing) and worked on my own ApneaLab, I have survived until a man of nowhere, across a few cars has come to the rescue, have taken his belt, put the buckle in my tight jaw and with a very quick and precise moment has released the tension, opened my mouth and released my tongue, so that I could breath normally until I com back to life.



After that learned what has happen and when I had long sleepless nights in the hospital,  laying motionless as glued to the bed, I had a long, long time to think of the luck or lack of luck and what could have happened if the Unknown hero, who came quite to the rescue and left quite, was not there when I needed my Guardian-angel, sort of speak, most.  And do what happens when stuff like that happens in rural areas and especially in conflict and war zones, in harsh environment.  So, I decided that I would like to share my experience with ER and EMS personnel from all over the world  and share their experience and lessons they have learned in similar situations. Above all, let’s share and improve some pro-active measures that can educate people, drivers, riders and bystanders on how to deal with such scenarios on the road.

I believe that mu initiative for Embedded Extreme Journalists can be very help[full to the cause and  anyone who joins, can have a helluva good time, learn a lot and spread the right message across that can help save lives.

Just think about how many lives may be have been lost and how many lives can be saved… So, I have a mission to go on this journey not only for the pure pleasure of riding, but every mile we ride, will be time to learn and share…”




From Europe to the Rooftop of the WorldPhotography by Tihomira Metodieva Tihich

Каня Ви да се включите в едно интересно преживяване “Cross-Continents Motorbike Adventure from Europe to the Rooftop of the World“, което ще има четирите елемента Sea- Air – Land – Space: 
По земя с off-road мотори, по вода с ферибот, по въздух ако ни се наложи да летим на връщане или наблюдаваме Авиошоуто на руски, израелски и какви ли не изтребители, които гледаме напоследък по но новините:
Космоса е един от най-интересните елементи, защото ще ползваме сателитни комуникации и храни за космоса по пътя – надявам се да са изцяло български продукти и технологии:
Имам идеята да направя специално Мото-преход обучение на екстремни журналисти и репортери, от София до Саудитска Арабия. Целта е да минем теста на времето, пробваме най-модерните навигационни конумикационни системи, като комуникираме и излъчваме видео по сателит или през Интернет, в реално време, в реални крититични и непредвидими ситуации, в конфликтни зони и ако получим разрешение – да минем през Сирия и зони на военни действия:
Можем да направим Благотворителния търг/дарение или продажбата на мои 25 Garelli скутери, за да вземем нов мотор към двата офф-роад мотора, които съм предвидил да предоставя за това начинание:
Прехода може да е съпроводен с Журналистическа ми кола:
Възможността е това събитие да стане благотворително в помощ на инициативи като @Special Operation Services (SOS) Team:
Мисията e: