Innovation Rescue Fund

Through its $1million on fundraising goal, the Innovation VR Forum fundraising campaign will pursue critically important initiatives inspired by the Innovation Rescue Fund’s Three Priorities and channel the immense power and talent of our the vertical rescue community to imagine a brighter future for the world pf rope access operations.

Dedicated to the concept of creating the 
Rescuer of the Future


We support projects around the world that build a stronger community of innovators, experts and rescuers.


The Special Training Experience of a life time for the Rescuer of the Future

In this truly unprecedented opportunity, you will join an expedition to soar over the top of Bulgarian mountains in a hot air balloon, reach new heights and becoming one of only a handful of people to fly at heights above the highest mountains in the world. With veteran pilot Rosen Kasabov at the helm, you and a small team of extreme adventurers are aiming to ascend well beyond 8888 meters in this unique experience where you will explore new horizons, from a spectacular 360-degree vantage point. That will be part of an exciting project and specialized training for global navigation and GPS monitoring for SAR operations.




A new Charity Event that supports volunteer rescue initiatives

From the outset our aim has been to attract more volunteers for High Mountain Rescue and take them to new heights, opening up a world of opportunities for them. This is not only a remarkable endeavor, it is also an invitation to be part one of a new training methodology for high-altitude SAR missions. This is your opportunity to write a new chapter in the annals of daring human feats and exploration. Join the ranks of pioneers who venture in a rarely-explored heights for an expedition that will capture imaginations and headlines around the world.  Ivan Kristoff has donated his personal collection of  Swiss Made and Limited Edition watches, plus other items at the initiative and



and for…



The Innovation for Vertical and Aerial Rescue Fund (I.V.A.N.) Initiative is established in partnership with private and government organizations from Bulgaria and around the world.



Potential applicants must contact us to initiate interest in a new specialized training program and develop proposals that address program and partner priorities.


Specialized Equipment

With a $100,000 initial venture capital fund, we provide early-stage investments, mentorship and know-how and R&D facilities for rope access vertical and aerial rescue startups.


The I.V.A.N. Institute

Our land and properties in Bulgarian cities and villages are available to be used for brainstorming, training, testing new concepts and R&D projects. In 2020 we are building the Institute.



with a different aircraft

100Km/hReserve and...

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Try our Limited Edition Authority Emergency Vehicle
Extreme Vertical Rescue
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Try the Advanced Training Program for Rope Access
Ivan Kristoff
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Try the Advanced Mission Mobile Technology
Спасителя на бъдещето

The rescuer of the future

The ambitious goal of H.E.R.T. is to create a new type of rescue called MAS. The creator of the first volunteer squad in modern Bulgaria and partners will reveal next week details of the project.

The plan is simple: building the first Smart Innovation and Creative Center for Rescuers of the Future in Bulgaria, where the project will be working for the next 10 years. By the end of 2019, we plan to present a new helicopter rescue methodology by air, by 2020. To organize an Innovation Forum and introduce new concepts in rescue, by the end of 2021, to do the necessary tests and innovations, and in 2022 we  will develop a completely new methodology for the next level of rescue.

The idea sounds crazy, but there are many unresolved rescue issues where hundreds of people have died. Ivan Kristoff and partners plan to prepare the project for global TV production companies. Several years ago, Ivan Kristoff announced the M.A.R.S. in Dubai, whose goal was to create an elite detachment of rescuers to deal with the rescue of high-rise buildings. And while the deadlines for these projects are still only planned and their implementation depends on specialized equipment and cooperation with equipment manufacturers, Bulgaria may be the first to implement the project. Bulgaria is among the first six in the world to send cosmonauts in the orbit of the Earth and have researched in this area.

On December 2019n December 2019, Ivan Kristoff will announce his plan and drawings to build an Institute of Vertical Operations to be launched in 2020. Before making the Innovation Center in Sofia at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, the builders of the newly formed team of investors will create an imitation of the Sofia project at the foot of the Rila Mountain, which will be called MARS Innovation Center. The team intends to attract the attention of experts from all over the world with their next impressive project. The explanation for the new attraction is that it is being created to prepare for future rescuers. The project’s design will take center stage in the Dubai helicopter with an exhibition, conference and prominent lecturers, including a former astronaut.

Partners of the Bulgarian exhibition will be companies from the high-tech sector. “The Persian Gulf wants to play a role in the future and bring the region to the next level,” said Margarita Sergieva, project manager. The population of the UAE is about 9 million, of which only 1.4 million are Emirates citizens. “Their aim is to create a knowledge-based and creativity-based economy,” said Margarita. “So it is important to establish ourselves as a science center.” Project M. A. R. S. is a purely scientific mission, “she added.