Where the charity will go to make a difference

New Trends

H.E.A.R.T. is a non-profit volunteer rescue organization founded in 2000. It supports and accelerates the ideas for a new A.I.R. specialized training in order to provide support and visibility for avant-garde rescue operations at extreme heights.. A self-directed governing body, the organization is an alternative to mainstream institutions and thrives on the network of active participants. It supported the #ForBulgaria Fellowship Program with their first solo exhibition in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center during Intersec 2018.


During a 12-month period, participants will attend monthly professional development workshops in Bulgaria, receive studio visits by art professionals, mentoring by an A.I.R. artist, and technical  support from H.E.A.R.T. Staff. This program is designed to encourage a new artistic approach to promote and to increase dialogue about  the  A.I.R. project and the EMS, aviation and rescue community.

Extreme Vertical Rescue
Achieve New Heights


2023 will be the Preparation Phase of the three year project, by organizing the Highest Wireless Video Conference and Summit for Rope Rescue training on Mt. Everest. For that we will make a Location Scouting in the area around Mt. Everest. Our investment will be to go next time with a Bulgarian team and do we specialize training at extreme heights there.
Fortis Brand Ambassador

Beyond Limits

For most rope access techs, the greatest opportunity they expect from life is the work at height on top of the world’s tallest structure. After i achieve that goal in 2003, I decided to go further and show the others why in Bulgaria rope access  can change lives and go beyond the limits of the ever developing higher and higher structures.  I believe in the power of example, as a duty for all of us, and for bringing Bulgarians’ attention that we can have more success. By uniting and follow the convent of our nation’s  founding fathers and face the new future with innovation beyond imagination. Together we can overcome the limits in vertical and aerial rope access and the Charity #ForBulgaria initiative can accelerate the project.


Together  we can show how charity  fulfills dreams and how work brings results! Together  we can  achieve success beyond the limits”, says Ivan Kristoff

Altitude with Attitude

E.V.E.R.E.S.T. Beyond the Limits

We invite you to be past of an exciting project that will get together some of the world’s most qualified and experienced high altitude mountain guides, pilots and rescuers to conduct the Highest Innovation Forum.