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Training Generation Alpha with the Digital R/evolution


Rescue.One is Ivan Kristoff’s vision for “The Rescuer of the Future” – a self-sufficient rescuer who can remotely operate with or without the support of self-contained rescue unit that can respond to any crisis at any heights, remote area and hazardous environment. Keep it simple and be more efficient when acting solo is the advantage of the Digital (R) evolution that can enhance the capabilities of the rescuer and maximize the efficiency of his performance and provision of data when needed, is the key element of minimizing the risk management, recurses and  loss of life.

ДА СЪЗДАДЕМ НАЙ-ЕФЕКТИВНИЯ СПАСИТЕЛЕН ЕКИПWith the advanced new technology in communications, SAR, VR, AI, and methods for Search and Rescue, the advantage for the most effective saving of lives goes to those who has the best technology and the best methods to implement and benefit from the latest achievements and R&D. That is why Ivan Kristoff is focusing on training the Generation Y and Alpha, starting with his own 5 year old son. That is why he introduces him gently and carefully to the aerial world of rescue by feeling and testing some of the components of training for AIR SAR missions, GPS and Satellite navigation, heat radars and visual tomographic surveillance.

The new Generation of kids are more attached to technology and there are new TV episodes like Pet Patrol, Sam the Rescuer, etc. that give e new incentive towards the perception of kids for helping others. More…