The #ForBulgaria Experience

Flying above Verila

The Summer of 2016 was remembered with the new aerial events that took place at the heart of Vitosha and Rila Mountains – A the bottom of Vistosha Mountain and high above the Seven Rila Lakes. Ivan Kristoff initiated these series of special events and project to promote the beauty of part of the #ForBulgaria project

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One of them was the preparation for the Sofia A.I.R., which was the first aerial event in 2017 when fans of the aviation could test the new Fortis Swiss Watches Collection in the air. For this ocasion, Ivan Kristoff organized exciting flights with the new Adidas equipment and test drives the new hybrid car e-Golf GTE.


Hot AIr Ballooning0%

Paragliding and Hangliding0%

Airplane flights0%

Helicopter flights0%

Връх, който води сякаш до самия рай. Под него, сини езера, пъстри цветове и недорисувана рисунка... сякаш ме предизвиква да я довърша


You are welcome to join in 2017 our extreme adventurous events and test the new equipment of world leading brands. Watch for the upcoming events at

The Extreme Experience

Driving fast and racing cars and motorcycles to the Region of Belchin Village – the New Destination of the #ForBulgaria Experience Project will be an unforgettable experience. We are joining forces with embedded extreme journalists, racing rally champions, motorcycle riding champions and the leading automobile and motorcycle companies to create a new platform for test driving and riding. Over the Cari Mali Grad you will have a unique chance to be the first to fly with hot air balloons, paragliders and hang gliders.