Location Scouting

With the amazing air crew of the Bulgarian Air Forces, we filmed skydiving over Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria to showcase the beauty surrounding the Tennis courts and outdoor training location that could be used to train new tennis fans and A.I.R rescuers.


Tennis Tournament

We look forward to create an International Charity Tennis Tournament that will be the first of its kind to support training, safety and rescue initiatives. We seek to develop a safer, more interesting and effective edutainment for motivating and relaxing atmosphere that involves tennis and education on new training technology and methodology,

Extreme Journalists

Ivan Kristoff, the event organizer, a moto rider with many years of experience in extreme sports and catastrophes, takes on a new road safety initiative. One of them is to create Embedded Extreme Journalists and train them in a very dynamic and cross stress/relaxation environment and finds tennis as a pivotal process for focus and socializing that motivates.

What’s New

Tennis is about endurance, concentration, personal growth and innovation in technology. These five elements are vital to the training and achieving personal best and results. We will combine them with extreme measures and training on a new level. The joint knowledge and experience can greatly contribute to  our learning process and achievements.

A.I.R. Photography

Our focus is to re/revolutionize the culture of innovation and introduce people who will change the world of rope, wAter, fIre and aiR rescue. Aerial rope access expert and photographer Ivan Kristoff is on a mission to document the project and create new initiatives.

Our pre-event program

We believe that new commers and young tennis players will be better inspired via edu-taiment. That is why we plan a series of special events that will enhance the experience of training-recovery-relaxation.


Our goal is to organize a Charity Tennis Tournament for kids and their friends and supporters in Bulgaria. Ivan Kristoff will donate his own time, resourses and scooters to support the project Tennis#ForBulgaria. Near the event, we can demonstrate on water and in the air new initiatives for training.