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World's First World Record Attempt for Hot Air Ballooning Rappelling for the "Guinness Book of World Records"

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In Bulgaria, at the beginning of the New Millennium, for International Jazz Festival in Bansko, and for he very first time, Ivan Kristoff started organizing high profile special events with hot air balloons, in order to boost the Grand Opening effect, where he invites TV Hosts, reporters, embedded extreme journalists and aerial photographers to showcase in real time the visual high perspective of the main flagship events. He already mapped iconic places with such media frenzy, where, at the heart of Sofia, the Capital of Bulgaria, his vertical unique “trade mark” foe vertical and aerial rope access demo was Inaugurated by Mrs. Yordanka Fandukova, Mayor of Sofia and 7 (seven) TV stations. later, he developed the idea to film the GCF hot air ballon brief experience, which I organized at WEBIT 2018, based on my very successful early morning LIVE reportage of the Bulgarian National TV and promotion of the WEBIT’19, were I organized a LIVE TV broadcast on board of a hot air balloon for NOVA TV (the same TV reporter, Nikolay Vasilkovski, made a special TV reportage for my new NGO investment – the Home-Office of the Rescuer of the Future that has the GCF branded colours on the exterior facade🙂

Start / Kick-off of Innovation in Aviation

So, let’s do Amazing World’s Firsts and Achieve New Heights with the GCF brand and hot air balloon!

Let’s elevate and promote your event to a new level!

Ivan Kristoff idea, as before, is to film a special flight with your GCF balloon and a special message to introduce new initiatives that match the themes of a new event, create an attractive and unique newsworthy digital content, share it with the Speciual Operation Services (S.O.S.) Marketing and PR team, and as a bone fide Global Citizen (Bulgarian and Canadian) and an ex- Refugee Claimant, but officially recognized Toronto’s UNSUNG HEROE, he can create amazing storyteling for this event, as an appreciation for the support of his partners for the one-of-a-kinds NGO’s – Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) in Canada and Special Operation Services (S.O.S.) in Bulgaria.

International Civil Aviation Day

Dedicated Support

Eva KikerezovaTV Host from BNT, Desislava Rangelova, Slavyana Manolova, Borislav Radoslavov, Svetlozar Stoyanov, Eduard Papazian, have already helped me to promote the initiatives for Expo 2020 Dubai, you can do it, as it is can be done for me and you did for the previous Bulgarian TV hosts… 

Bulgarian National TV: World Records with the Flight of Innovation for Bulgaria and Expo City Dubai


Innovation Air Rescue Explorer

Ivan Kristoff, a trailblazer in the rope access industry, made history by being the first to work over 500 meters and overcoming challenges in inaccessible places for over 27 years, including the world’s tallest tower in 2003. Notable innovations include establishing the World’s First High-rise Emergency Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) in Toronto and setting two New World Records for helicopter rappelling and ascending.

A graduate from the University of Toronto in communications and IT, Mass Communications, and Public Relations, Ivan is on a mission to share his expertise, inspiring the younger generation to excel. He founded the Innovation Air Rescue Explorer Fund and built the 5-storey Future Academy for the Rescuer of the Future in Sofia. The academy focuses on advanced training methods and disruptive innovation in rescue, imparting survival and creative skills to children.

At the pinnacle of his career, Ivan transitioned from working on ropes to charitable endeavors and scientific research, aiming to enhance global safety in rope-related work. His passion for innovation not only led to remarkable achievements in super high-rise development but also elevated brands by associating them with cutting-edge technologies. Initiating innovative projects in 2024, Ivan aims to position brands, products, and services at unprecedented heights.

Ivan’s impact extends beyond his rescue innovations; his avant-garde advertising shapes brand success through experiential marketing. His creative storytelling, film making, and strategic sponsorships bring a higher ROI, connecting clients with their audience and popularizing events in international media. Looking ahead, Ivan plans to revolutionize aviation safety and aerial rescue procedures at extreme heights over the next three years, embodying a bold and visionary approach.

Много е важно да се направи специална фото сесия с емблемата на ВВС, за да се представят инициатив в бъдешето и да се мисли с поне 10 години ниапред

Innovation in Aerial Support for HEMS in Bulgaria

Showcasing innovative technology for Aerial Support for HEMS in Bulgaria involves its utilization in specialized training for vertical and aerial rope rescue operations through hot air ballooning, Lenovo Research and Innovation, Device and infrastructure innovation, AI, VR, 5G, Cloud/Edge Computing, and v2track hybrid navigational monitoring. This approach stems from the absence of twin-engine civilian helicopters in Bulgaria and the associated economic efficiency..