About This Project

Vlady Vladimirova, Image consultant and personal branding

Vlady IvanovaVlady Vladimirova is the owner of the image consulting agency Royaline Ltd. She studied Style & Image Consulting at London Image Institute and she is the driving force for the Ambassador ForBulgaria project and image consultant for the new Brand Ambassadors of the #ForBulgaria project.  She has pivotal influence for the transformation of famous sportsmen, and not only, who want to venture in the advertising and fashion business. Every new client can rely on her expertise, from professional exclusive promoters of new Swiss Watch companies like Traser® swiss H3 watches, to the very first Brand Ambassador of the world leader in watchmaking industry Fortis Swiss Watches.

As world renowned urban climber Ivan Kristoff says for Vlady:

“I like the creativity that boils in her and her unique ideas. It is the new spirit and modern approach in image making for the new generation of sportsmen people who want to enter the world on the big scene.”

     “I believe that every time we cross borders we create new opportunities for ourselves and for others.”, says Vlady



Vlady Vladimirova helps young apprentices who joined  the Innovation Team of the International Vertical Access Network in 2017 to work on the Intersec 2018 presentation of Ivan Kristoff’s new concepts for extreme training. Intersec is the world’s biggest and most influential trade expo for Safety, Security and Fire Protection. Kristoff’s idea is to extend the portfolio for this event with the Rescue segment. That is why they worked very closely with Ms. Vladimira Vladimirova to create a brand new concept for the vertical and aerial rescue world that can be discussed with the event organizers during the 20th Edition of Intersec in Dubai, on the 21-23 January 2018 and that can be showcased during Intersec Saudi Arabia on 24-27 April, 2018. Under the supervision of Ms. Vladimirova, young apprentices have demonstrated their ability to work creatively with the Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign  tools.

Ivan Kristoff’s new concepts for extreme training
Влади Владимирова е имидж консултант Харесвам творчеството, което кипи в нея и уникалните й идеи. Тя е новия дух и съвремения подход в агенцията Royaline Ltd.  Тя участва активно в копирайтинга и официалните комуникации и покани и подготви фото изложбата #ForBulgaria в Intersec, най-голямото в света изложение за сигурност.

“Вярвам, че всеки път, когато прекрачваме границите създаваме нови възможности и за себе си и за другите.”

The Brave