Lumia 950

About This Project

LumiaIn this era of many smartphones, mobile communications and gadgets that help us communicate effectively, a man can get lost when he has to choose the right smartphone, but when it comes to the right choice for life saving, rescue operations and when your life and business can depend on it… I am very careful of the equipment I choose to cary for my missions and even daily life. In the high risk business and pleasure that I am exposed every day, whether I am hanging on rope high in the air, flying with a hot air ballon that I will do this weekend, or just need to document on film my risky operations at work, I need to relay on my devices and equipment. That is why I was excited to test the new Lumia 950 smartphone.

Microsoft Display Dock

My type of work is a “non-smartphone dafe environment”. That is I always break my phones and mobile communications. I used my Lumia 535 phone till the moment, I dropped it for the Nth time and broke completely its touch screen. My data had to be recovered, because I did not backed up the last calls, as many of us forget or neglect to do it, so I was excited wen a learned that Microsoft came up with a Display Dock that connects Lumia 950 or 950 XL to an external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. I new that this would be good, because even if I break again my display, I can still use it and view my messages and operate the phone. I noticed that it does not work on every TV screen, but hope that this bug is fixt by now.

For my creative work and  because men don’t remember messages. Men remember stories. And more than ever, they need a trusted voice to tell those stories.

The Brave