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About This Project

We were happy to work with GDStyles, an advertising studio that is dedicated to the study, design, creation and maintenance of unique solutions for graphic and web design to improve Ivan Kristoff’s brand, logo and stationary materials in 2009. .The task was to create individual logos for Ivan Kristoff, because the client is  globally recognized for his professionalism in the organization and realization of rescue operations by air, sea and land.

The design of the logo combines the freedom, beauty and responsibility of actions in saving lives and extreme, but also highlights the high-efficiency approach to implementation. The selected font is modern, original, with clean lines, symbolizing determination and own style. 

We decided to have only three primary colors – red, black and white, which will be used in the corporate identity. The color combination of aggressive red, neutral white and elegant black as they are easily recognizable and attractive. Eloquent message locked in the name emphasizes the uniqueness of the logo. Later, the GDstyles team created the Individual design for CD and artwork for a CD of Ivan Kristoff. The created image vision is based on the corporate identity of the client, as part of a the whole CD cover and follow the line of brand Identity. The predominant black color helps to brighten broadcast advertising photographs, easier adoption of the text, and put more highlight on the logo. as classic black is a symbol of style, elegance and expressiveness. The elegant combination of fiery red and sparkling white creates original vision of the disc and cover. More…

Accent: Printing on CD,Technology,  Digital offset printing, lamination, Punching

Pioneering spirit
Ivan Kristoff was born in Bulgaria. As a child,  Ivan Kristoff dreamed of exploring places where no one has gone before.  The story of Ivan is a story of a passion for exploring and high adrenaline.  His pioneering spirit unveiled when he learned on his own how to rappel and produce his climbing equipment. At the age of 15, he went to a cave with a friend and found new areas of the Balabanova cave in his native Bulgaria. They started mapping the new areas and extended the cave by more than 4,500 meters.

Brand Management of Personal Identity
In 1997, just after performing his first world record for rappelling and ascending on a rope from a flying helicopter, Ivan Kristoff became the first Bulgarian who  registered a domain on his own name, a practice that to our knowledge was never conducted by a person who grew up in the communist regime in Bulgaria. This year we conducted via Facebook a survey for the following question over a : Who is the first Bulgarian, who registered his name as a website, logo and a brand?. We asked the Top of Mind Bulgarian experts in marketing, PR and brand managers and we confirmed our above mentioned statement. With the company GDSTYLES, Ivan created his own brand logo and stationary materials. By now he has already registered his name as a trade mark.

Ivan Kristoff, Founder and President of K2 rope access work Co.,  MotoItalia Ltd., MotoZona Ltd., Eiger Rope Access Work Inc., Ivan has devoted now his professional career for volunteer rope access work and charitable causes. 

Ivan has spent 20+ years of shaping his own trade mark by working with some of the world’ leading brands. As his own CMO at the new company Ivan Kristoff Consulting LTD, he develops his new brand strategy, online marketing, public relations, promotions, advertising, social media, websites, analytics, in-house creative and loyalty teams, like Club EXTREME and participants of the “Mentors and Apprentices” Program. Before renaming and branding his new company, Ivan Kristoff led the digital marketing strategy as the manager for Moto Italia Ltd brand and Garelli scooters in Bulgaria. Prior to that, Ivan served as CEO at IVAN Rope Access Work Inc., where he managed the brand globally and developed campaigns to bring awareness for his volunteer Highrise Emergency Response Team (HEART). While at Eiger, Ivan led some of the Company’s landmark projects efforts including the first-ever rope access on the top of the world’s tallest structure – the CN Tower in 2003. Before re-branding Ivan Kristoff Communications in 2019, Ivan led his own successful marketing campaigns, with the top American and Canadian developing companies ranging from Trizec Han, Brokfiield, Tidel and Monarch to be come himself the very first Brand Ambassador for the Fortis Swiss Watch Company, a world brand with over 100 years of history.

Disruptive innovation with  rope access work
Rope access work was not allowed, in a sense – strictly prohibited by the Ontario Ministry of labor until I introduced last century, for the very first time the term “rope access work’ by registering the very first rope access work company, How do I know it was the very first? Because when I made a research in the government agency for the name “K2 rope access work” before 1992, there was no match even for the term”rope access work”, so that i why I named it so. At that time, I could barely speak English, and was a refugee claimant who had no permit to work, but I did not want to be on social benefits, as I am obliged by law not to work, so I pushed the limits and did introduce the concept of using kernmentle rope in an industry that felt that has more secure and battle proven safety standards.

Now, you may wonder what do I mean by “strictly prohibited by the Ontario Ministry of labor“? Well, that means that the strictly prohibited by the Ontario Ministry of labor can charge up to $200,000 dollars fines for miss interpretations of the By-lays for suspended access, etc. So, imagine the how impossible would be at that time and 20th century to do what I did and through what I had to go to do what i did best – Keep doing what you believe in, even if that cost you everything

Of course, when I changed my status to a Canadian Landed Immigrant, I raised my professional status to a new level and opened a new company – a corporation that will change forever the perception of rope access technicians even on a global scale. That is how the Eiger Rope Access Work Inc. was born. And slowly but surely, the rope access work achieved new heights by completing successfully and in a new methodology for rope access at extreme heights above 500 meters off the ground. 

The Eiger Symbol Mark
In the early 1990s, Ivan Kristoff created the EIGER LOGO, which enjoyed great popularity. The logo consists of three elements that represent the Signifier, Signified an Signification; the EIGER letter forms in EIGER red color, the Rope Access Work logotype and the front silhouette symbol of a rope access technician at work in black color. The denotation, represents our leadership, and also gives a strong impression of Eiger’s commitment to the best. Therefore, the shape or the color of this symbol mark must never be changed.

The Eiger Brand
Rope AccessIn the fall of 1993, Ivan Kristoff, a young man from Canada, decided to create a company that would be known by reputation only and create a name for itself in the field of vertical environment and technical innovation. Over night he created the company logo with the vision that it would soon become a symbol for successes and a recognized trade mark for the public.

In order to create a strong corporate identity that would at first sight distinguish the company logo from the rest, the new entrepreneur, decided to create a logo with a visual impact that would consists of two colors that are opposite each other intrinsically in high-contrast – red versus black. Ivan designed the company symbol EIGER, named after one of the world’s most storied peaks, celebrated in literature and film. EIGER, a sign that can be associated with the word “eager” is in red color. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, danger, strength, power and determination. It has very high visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usually painted red. In heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. Red brings text and images to the foreground, so it is a perfect composition with the signifier ROPE ACCESS LEADERS in black color. Black is the color of authority and power. Further, Ivan draws his own silhouette form a picture of him in order to implement the simplified image of the referent – Ivan himself.

world's first record for rappelling form a helicopterThe company Eiger Rope Access Work Inc. was born and in a few years later, has created a corporate identity in the high rise construction, consulting engineering and property management industry. Eiger built its reputation by providing unique services in for work at height and aerial operations with a helicopter. The national and global media was fascinated by some of the unique services and contributions to the vertical world of rescue and crisis management in hard to reach places, where no one would dare to go.

The Eiger brand name was associated with innovative work solutions and use of high-tech IT equipment at extreme heights and conditions. IBM, one of the leading Top Ten companies in Fortune 500 category, have featured Eiger’s success story in their case study at the National Post Newspaper. In the article “ThinkPad to the Rescue” IBM Canada Inc. showcased how Eiger’s principal Ivan Kristoff utilized their advanced technology on the exterior of tall buildings and hard to remote areas. Other world renowned leaders in IT such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Itronix, impressed by the media recognition of the company‘s success, have provided their latest equipment to Eiger as a product placement during special events and operations.

Rappelling in Skydome

Toronto's heroesAfter the 911 terrorist attack in New York, the Bayview Post and many other publications in Ontario, Canada, chose Ivan Kristoff and featured the Eiger symbol in the Feature story “The Unsung Heroes of Toronto”. 

The pinnacle of the brand exposure was in during the Super Bowl Game  between  the Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes on  October 13, 2001, when Ivan Kristoff passed the ball for the Opening of the Game in front of million Live TV viewers on ESPN Channel and over 20,000 people in the crowd at the Skydome Stadium.  In the following year Ivan Kristoff won the contract for the very first work on the inaccessible places of the top of the World’s Tallest Structure where he proudly waved the Eiger symbol.

The Unsung Heroes of Toronto

Now the Eiger Brand is open for bidding for a a new initiative for the development of new rope rescue concepts. They will be presented in a new online Vertical Rescue Magazine that will show case new developments and newsworthy projects for extreme training and rope access.

Anybody who is interested in benefiting from the epic brand that was a symbol status for avant-garde rope work in Canada or has an interesting and newsworthy story related to the extreme and vertical world. let us know and we will follow up…

Re branding
In 2014, over 20 years of the founding of the company and 10 years after the first rope access work above 500 meters, on the tallest building in the world, the founder of the company decided to rename it after his name and register Ivan Kristoff as a trade mark. In 2015, Eiger Rope Access Work Inc. will be re-branded as Ivan Kristoff LTD. Besides the “Ltd.” symbol for “Limited liability” it will be branded as the LIMITED EDITION company for rope access work. Now, Ivan has a new project- to create an International Vertical Access Network.

Our research:
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