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About This Project

International Vertical Access Network (I.V.A.N.)

We have created an International Vertical and Aerial Network (IVAN) with academic institutions, EMS agencies, military, police and private avio companies, aerial experts with over 20 years of working experience, and industry leaders in their respective fields.

In situations of public safety and security, tactical information can mean the difference between life and death – between control and chaos. When there is little margin for error, the success of your mission depends on uncompromising performance.

Ivan Kristoff is consistently searching for innovative ways to make rope access vertical and aerial operations more efficient and safe. In 1997, Ivan completed an unprecedented world record for ascending and rappelling from a helicopter over Lake Ontario, Canada – with one goal in mind- to help his friends form the Toronto Emergency Services to promote the 1st Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day.Subsequently, he helped his friends for Metro Toronto Police, Fire Department and Ambulance with the 2nd and 3td Annual Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Appreciation Day.

Since then, Ivan realized that he could help more the Emergency Services community by creating a network of the leading experts in the field of rope access and aerial rescue emergency response.

Now Ivan is creating a team of the world’s top specialists from the Police, Fire and Air Medical rescue services who can rewrite the methodology for training of rope work operations in extreme situations and harsh conditions.

The driving force of the I.V.A.N. management team is not only to complete quickly  and cost effectively our tasks, but also to help our professional and emergency community. We strive to find innovative solutions and make safer the vertical and aerial rope access field of work. Our experience and know-how of  vertical and remote access at extreme conditions and heights, contribute to the development and improvement of safety standards. We venture above the limits of conventional ropework practices, create and test on ourselves our avant-garde methods, and do anything in good faith to bring humanity a few steps ahead. We achieve new heights in the suspended access, we climb at high altitude towers, descend from helicopters, enjoy extreme conditions, and all our clients are happy with the results. Most important, we always come alive from work. No matter how risky or job is.

I.V.A.N. is the Official Sponsor and Equipment Supplier of the Bulgarian volunteer “Special Operations Services” – (S.O.S.) team. This non-profit organization initiated a series of test with innovative technology and mobile computing in the air.

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